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  1. Also i have been wondering this is anyone here working in the rides department because as of right now i havent got what ride I am operating and am wondering if anyone else has
  2. So i drove past again today it looked like the water receded enough to run excalibur Edit: i dont know how the snow we will get will affect that
  3. Not sure but I will be going there in exactly a month so i could tell you then
  4. whenever I go it takes 5 min do dispatch Avatar and it takes 2 people 2 min to dispatch rock bottom i must go on bad days then
  5. Oh. I never even knew they had that I have looked for it before too I must suck at looking things up. their ops are still horrible though nobody ever talks about that
  6. Yea but nickoloden universes ops are horrendous and it cost money per ride (this might sound ungrateful but I just thought I would say that)
  7. I am actually ok with it because we get to ride a top 50 coaster in the world(In my opinion) With basically no line the entire season
  8. Keep getting errors like this will try on other computer when I get home
  9. [list=] 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. Well I only have 25 credits so they aren't very great but I would say Expedition Everest Rockin rollercoaster Manta 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? 2 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? The last day of operation of valleyfair When I got nearly 30 rides on renegade 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)? Valleyfair's haunt opening (I participated in this once) 5. What ride exceeded your expectations the most in 2018? I didn't get any new credits this year unfortunately 6. Best meal/food at a park in 2018? mini doughnuts from MN state fair 7. What was your favorite new coaster of 2018 NOT made by RMC or Larson? 8. Name one park you will definitely visit in 2019. Valleyfair I will work there 9. Best ride themed to a bird? 10. Lamest ride/coaster you rode in 2018? Delirious 11. What roller coaster currently sits at the top of your bucketlist? (degree of difficulty: NOT a new-for-2019 ride) 12. What new-for-2019 ride or coaster are you most looking forward to? Maxx force 13. Name the first totally middle-of-the-road (not bad/not great) park that comes to mind. Knotts 14. You're in Orlando and magically have a 1-hour ERT session on 1 coaster of your choice at any park in the city. You choose... Mako 15. Holiday In The Park vs. Winterfest. Who reigns supreme? Minterfest 16. Mystic Timbers mystery shed or Wicker Man fire infusion? Wicker man 17. Which Six Flags have you been to most recently? Never been to one 18. Intamin or Schwarzkopf? You may only choose one. Intamin 19. Battle of Kings Coasters: Island or Dominion? Pick one. Island 20. What was the longest you waited for a ride/coaster in 2018? 20-30 minutes for renegade. I love being less than 5 miles away from valleyfair and can go whenever i want 21. What roller coaster have you ridden more than any other? renegade about 200 times I will never beat mike 22. Best drop tower under 150 feet? splatosphere at nickoloden universe only one i have been on unde 150 23. Maverick or Millennium Force? (If you haven't been to CP, pick what you want to ride more) maverick 24. Log flumes or sky rides? You can only choose one. log flumes 25. What are 3 things you enjoying doing at your home park other than riding rides? 1walking around 2 working there 3 eating 26. What is your second favorite Cedar Fair park and why? well only been to one but 27. What is your home park and give us two good reasons why we should pay it a visit. valleyfair ill give you five 1 renegade 2 renegade 3 renegade 4 renegade 5 renegade 28. Launch or Lift? launch 29. Did you buy fast pass at all in 2018? no 30. What is your least favorite wooden coaster? high roller 31. Disney fanboys: cool or cult? cool 32. Best Batman themed ride? the ride 33. Name something that tend to take home from parks that you didn't bring with you. park map 34. Best wooden coaster over 110 feet tall? (rcdb will help you) 35. Have you ever been hit with something (loose change/a tree/vomit/etc) while riding something? no 36. Skywarps: credits or no? State your case. no 37. Turkey legs: nah or yaaaaassssss? depends the smell is great the taste meh 38. What is the most recent B&M that you rode? manta at sea world orlando only one i have been on 39. You can eat nothing but corn dogs, churros or funnel cake for the next 48 hours, which do you choose? churros 40. Post a great on-ride shot of you from 2018. (DO IT!)
  10. It means they might get a small change to the park like a new restaurant it isn't that confusing Also, there is no reason to argue someone every time they suggest a change to the park
  11. does anyone know when opening day if for the 2019 season is? I can't find it anywhere on the website.
  12. we should get a 275-foot coaster that drops 25 feet below ground. if we get a Carowinds style treatment jk I know that will never happen
  13. I feel like they should add a giant discovery or something of that nature.
  14. that is why Excalibur needs to go and we get a new coaster in the dinosaurs alive area
  15. It is a super loop, how does that beat hangtime or wonder woman.
  16. It might be I remember it was closed on the last three days of the season it might have been to retrack I hope it is it really needs it.
  17. The Niesen Railway. The steps that run alongside the Niesen mountain railway in Switzerland are officially the longest stairway in the world. There are 11,674 steps in all, and it's only possible to hike them one day a year during the Niesen Run. It's only a two-mile run but there's 5,475 feet of altitude to climb! What should we call 5400-5499 foot coasters?
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