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  1. Ah, that wouldn't have been me then that was probably a slider. they have a little extra training.
  2. I just got my zone today that is blood on the boundry waters you could probably email todd and ask him. lol do you happen to know what zone that was in because it may have been me.
  3. Carnevil is in planet Snoopy Darkness awaits is in the area by renegade Mascareade is by corkscrew/monster Blood on the boundary Waters is in the games Midway I am a haunt actor so any haunt questions I will gladly awnser
  4. I do think that 2021 will be a waterpark expansion so boing some infastructure work in the park wouldn't be too far feched.
  5. I do think that 2021 will be a waterpark expansion so boing some infastructure work in the park wouldn't be too far feched.
  6. Yeessss those are going to be fun to work in. also blood on the boundary Waters is gonna be a major investment.
  7. It's definitely not. They just did that because it's a cool picture. And the Trex was the king of the dinosaurs so they chose the most meanacing one
  8. The river is fine the only part that is still flooded is the path from the main lot to the employee lot
  9. I have noticed exclibur opens and closes 2 hours after the park opens And 2 hours before it closes
  10. Clap clap clap you found a useless zamperla powerd coaster that some people don't even consider a coaster
  11. ^ I did some looking on county maps and they said that valleyfair pays taxes for this amount of land.
  12. ^They own a ton of land behind Excalibur almost enough to put an entire new park behind it.
  13. I think that a permanently placed peanuts celebration would go well in that area because they are already using the dinos gift shop for peanuts celebration
  14. I don't see valleyfair using the name Polaris because the north star is Polaris and we already have a ride named north star.
  15. most we will get is probably some new flat ride or something like that.
  16. so MN changed the labor laws so i cant work on rides anymore so i became a lifegaurd there one of our training locations had old riptide seats damnit I dont know what is wrong with the pictures I am taking
  17. glad its back it felt like something was missing when riding it.
  18. the midway stage is just random shows and people singing there from what I understand this will be used for peanuts stuff.
  19. The new stage is coming along well Sorry about camera angle not sure what happened
  20. Oh sorry I wasn't clear. I meant the one by the entrance to planet snoopy by the waterpark in the dry park. I will try to get pictures Saturday it just depends on what day my phone arrives.
  21. so we had a training day today and I got to see some of the new things in the park. It looks like they are completely remodeling the icee stand by the waterslides. they are also building a new break room in the route 76 area and the superior stage looks almost done
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