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  1. ^ Promo codes have existed since the dawn of the postal service. They've adapted to telephones and internet.


    That may be true, but I didn't see any currently listed on their site. Maybe there's local deals, but if I'm from LA looking to get tickets later this summer, I'm not sure how I'd find those deals. When I google "Lagoon discounts", all I get is the currently blank Lagoon discount page, and a list of those rip off coupon code sites that are also probably out of date. Nothing viable.

  2. On the Sunday of President's Day weekend, we got group #130. But the ride was having a pretty good day... they were up to the 50's by 10:30am. It seemed to have a hiccup around 11 or noon as it stayed in the 50's for about 90 minutes, but after that, it flew. It was up to 80 by 1:30, 110 by 5:30, our our group 130 was called in at 6:30. Appears groups went as high at 156 by 8:30pm, then seemed to stop, so I figure that's how high it went that day. But to get to 156 by 8:30pm seemed pretty good, especially with a mid-day breakdown (park was open until midnight).

  3. People were either going to complain that it didn't always duel (like Twisted Colossus) or complain that the pit stop took too long due to dispatches. I personally would take the guaranteed duel since the other option would have me stacked on the final brake run after a non-dueling ride.


    Everything this^. If it didn't duel, people wouldn't complained. Now it does duel every time, and people still complain because they have to wait. Really?


    I also agree that in general, the Pit Stop waits have been pretty short. Occasionally you may have a long delays, but it's more because of a guest delay more than the crew itself.


    After multiple rides, while this isn't the most intense in the park by far, more of a family+ ride as someone else put it, the back seat does have some nice pops in the first part of each track. The helixes are pretty lackluster in terms of forces, but it's also the most fun in terms of visuals/racing.


    And I don't know what some people are talking about when they say they don't really notice the racing. It's totally obvious to me, and adds a lot to the fun. Is it the most intense ride in the park? Not by a long shot, I'd rank it just above Ninja in that respect. But is it more fun that most are giving it credit for? I think so.

  4. I assume "skip the line" is referring to the upper tier Memberships benefits? In that regard, there's no membership skip the line for: X2 (most days), Crazanity, and the aforementioned Superman, which has been off the Fastlane for years. And now WCR?


    To be honest, that's fair, as it's the new attraction. But it'd be nice if they gave Crazanity back, though with it's still high levels of popularity and relatively low throughput, that's unlikely as well.

  5. I was browsing the Six Flags site for the hours for Great Adventure's Holiday in the Park and accidentally ended up on the chain's main page for HITP.


    Does anyone else find it funny that Magic Mountain's thumbnail shows the now removed Green Lantern?


    [attachment=1]HITP SFMM.PNG[/attachment]




    This isn't surprising. I had to call out a survey sent to me by SFMM, because one of the questions was checking off your favorite rides at the park... and Terminator: Salvation was listed. This was a while ago, but it had still been closed for at least a year at the time.


    In the "What else would you like to comment on?" question at the end of the survey, I told them it was difficult to take the survey seriously when they don't even seem to know their own rides.

  6. I’m so stoked that Knott’s Bear-y Tales is coming back.


    Can Triotech please not ruin this?


    Iron Reef was an embarrassment.


    Why exactly did you dislike it so much? Genuinely curious.


    Everything. Literally everything


    -The theme and back story was awful. The execution of both was even worse.

    -The graphics were bad. Bad bad. Ecco the Dolphin bad. Okay, maybe not quite Ecco the Dolphin, but PlayStation 1 bad. The Kraken was so underwhelming and got even worse when it became the sea witch.

    -I’m not a big fan of shooting rides to begin with, but calling this one in particular a dark ride feels like an insult to dark rides. It’s just a video game. You shoot badly animated mechanical fish and then the ride is done.


    It’s not about comparing it to Disney...it’s just really bad.


    I was pretty floored when I read that you liked this ride and was very curious myself what you liked about it.


    Mind telling me what you do like??


    Coming from someone who's not a fan of video games or shooter games--if I have to ride a shooter game, this one is probably my favorite. While I admit I'm not a fan of the theme/graphic design, they're more convincing to me than, say, the graphics on Justice League.


    I also like how each gun has a different color, so you can clearly see which one is yours (also lacking on JL).


    Biggest difference to me is that the screens are long and continuous, and the overall flow from screen to screen is pretty smooth. It doesn't feel like I'm playing 10 separate screens (which is something I dislike greatly about Midway Mania), but basically one continuous game.


    I don't consider this a dark ride. It's a shooter ride, which, to me, is a separate genre (though certainly there are some rides that combine elements of both--JL does do better in this department). As a dark ride, it would be a total disappointment... I take "dark ride" to mean mostly physical sets. That's very lacking. But as a shooter ride, it's not terrible to me.

  7. I never quite got the hate either... it terms of shooting games, it's probably one of my favorites in execution of the actual game play itself... when it worked. Though I didn't love the theme, I didn't hate it, and the Easter eggs made it fun. I'm guessing the complaints came more for: serious game players found it amateur (I am not a serious game player, so I wouldn't know), could've been more physical sets, the loading procedure is/was slow, and I never liked that it didn't have SR when so many empty seats go by.


    But I don't see it as "giving up" on Iron Reef. It appears to be identical concept and technology, just a new story and design. And I'm thrilled they're bringing back this theme... I think it could be great as a updated version of the past, and in the same location to boot! Based on the concept art, I'm hoping they'll be repainting/designing the current vehicles to look more like the old trolleys. The music could also be pretty great; it was a very catchy theme.

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