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  1. ^I know what you mean about going all the way around for Klownz, but that pathway access is very, very narrow. It nearly jams up with just one way traffic. With two way traffic, it'd literally be gridlock most of the time (remember, it's a backstage area not normally used for park guests, so it wasn't designed to be super wide). So between the two options, I'd rather walk all the way around that be stuck in the equivalent of "Disneyland after the fireworks" traffic for hours at a time.

  2. Seconding the fact there's a slew of fast food options not only upstairs, but also a few in the main corridor: Ludobird and Crepe Place.


    The early entry was a mess this year, and changed multiple times before settling in a very confusing schedule: ST and GB at 5:30, Frank vs. Wolf at 6:05, Creepshow at 6:15, Us at 6:00, Pandora's Box at 6:15, and Holidayz at 6:30. The mobile page at ushwaittimes.com has it all listed.


    I think you're the only person I know who liked Stranger Things. Despite the long lines, it was pretty hated by everyone else. If you know the show, they left out a LOT of iconic imagery which left many fans unsatisfied.


    Pandora's Box was very decisive in the haunt community... people either loved it--mainly because the scareactors were so aggressive and strategically placed--or hated it as a one-trick pony with all bright neon. I didn't really think of it being similar to Klownz. It's a fair point now that you bring it up, but such a different mood (and pretty dang true to the movie--I think it was actually better than Orlando's take on the same movie--and it's not often Hollywood's HHN is better than Orlando), it didn't bother me too much.

  3. I see this as one of two options:


    1. A new dark ride or theater ride of some sort to replace Mystery Lodge.

    2. A new theme, overlay, or revamp of Voyage to the Iron Reef.


    I think they're both equally likely. Mystery Lodge closed earlier this year, which could be a sign. But given the 100th Anniversary celebration, re-theming Voyage to something like Bear-y Tales or Kingdom of the Dinosaurs to bring back a classic would be fitting as well. Exciting stuff!


    Don't forget the 'VR Showdown in Ghost Town attraction closed recently.


    I did see that some sort of VR attaction is set up in the games area at the base of the SkyTower. Is that perhaps the VR showdown being re-utilized?


    It wasn't open, and I never did the VR attraction, so I don't really know for sure, but it certainly seems to be a VR attraction.

  4. This is apparently the current status of West Coast Racers. It looks great but I feel like a late December opening is the best that we could hope for.



    Note: Image source is unknown so if you know, shout them out and I'll update the post. It's all over my feed from different people.


    I was in the park six days ago, and as of that day, it was barely going up--it had maybe the skeletal outline of beams at best. So that's a lot of progress in six days. Makes me think a December opening could be possible... it would be in time for the big Winter Break/Holiday in the Park, which (relatively) wouldn't be terrible timing.

  5. I just visited HOS for my first time this past weekend. It was a nice haunt! The design reminds me of a lower budget Knott's, but that's not a bad thing. The bungee scares really got me.


    Did Fright Feast, and didn't know there was entertainment there! But I had to say, the food wasn't that great. But it was nice to have FOL for the first hour... we got all 6 mazes done!


    Only other complaint (aside from the not-so-great food at Fright Feast) was the the lines for the rides were actually pretty long. Fury said it was 15 min and the queue was barely half full, but it took 45 minutes due to extremely slow ops. They'd let people exit and have the ride sit there empty for literally 2 minutes for no visible reason before letting on the next group. I don't understand why they don't have a single rider line for that.


    The line for Cheetah was 60, and Cobra was 70. We got on a lot faster, and we realized after the fact that we had honestly, completely accidentally, gotten into the Express line and no one told us we were in the wrong queue. Kinda felt bad, but even the express line took 20 minutes. This was on a Saturday night, so I guess I should have expected longer lines, but based on what everyone else was saying, I thought the lines would be a lot less.

  6. Except for those staggered opening times they're doing this year. Makes things quite confusing, as some mazes open at 6, some 6:15, some 6:30, some 6:45, and the rest at 7... but there's (currently) no place to find that out except for asking a team member while there. It's a mess.


    And I wouldn't say a lot of those other houses are necessarily better. They all have their own pluses and minuses.

  7. Echoing that I've had minor issues with Scream as well. It's not the worst, but it's there. I find the worst element in terms of the rattle is the first loop. The rest of it is not too bad, but it definitely has a bit of a rattle throughout.


    Note: I typically sit near the front, so it could be worse in the back. Going into the park today, so maybe I'll try it there and see if things are worse.

  8. I’ve actually been on the ride, and the screens are super impressive in person. And I say this as someone who is on the “universal has too many screens and I’m sick of screens” bandwagon. But the size, clarity, and synchronization of these screens in person are pretty incredible. It just doesn’t come across on a video.


    As for the old opening, it was impressive at one time, but let’s not ignore the facts that the parking structure was clearly visible, the animitronics never really worked very well (always seemed like that first dino had a broken neck), and the doors rarely worked well—if at all. Even if it did work, the sound was nearly always out of sync.


    My biggest issue is the entire middle section is basically a total void. However, word is being spread that there’s still more to come both there and in the ending. So this may not be the fully finished version. After, this is still a technical rehearsal, not the grand opening.

  9. I don't know if it's credible, but one twitter account was claiming that after that opening weekend, they are now taking text reservations for the Cantina. If true, it'd be like a restaurant: you check in, given them your number, and when they're ready to seat you, you get a text. That way you're free to enjoy other shopping and whatnot instead of wasting your time in that line.


    If it's not true, it ought to be. If others visit in the near future, confirmation would be welcome. I'd also appreciate confirmation if they're allowing multiple rides on SR, or instead marking your wristband and only allowing one ride.

  10. I'm not saying I agree with this, but I was seeing articles that were stating that the powers that be in Vegas are seeing less of a future in running expensive, high cast shows (like Cirque), and shifting the focus to DJs and starpower acts (Elton John, Lady Gaga, Cher, etc.). They feel those are the draws for that all important "millennial" crowd.


    And strangely, they seem to feel no one really cares much about the parking and resort fees. Personally, if this is true, I feel they have their heads up their asses.

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