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  1. I don't know if it's credible, but one twitter account was claiming that after that opening weekend, they are now taking text reservations for the Cantina. If true, it'd be like a restaurant: you check in, given them your number, and when they're ready to seat you, you get a text. That way you're free to enjoy other shopping and whatnot instead of wasting your time in that line.


    If it's not true, it ought to be. If others visit in the near future, confirmation would be welcome. I'd also appreciate confirmation if they're allowing multiple rides on SR, or instead marking your wristband and only allowing one ride.

  2. I'm not saying I agree with this, but I was seeing articles that were stating that the powers that be in Vegas are seeing less of a future in running expensive, high cast shows (like Cirque), and shifting the focus to DJs and starpower acts (Elton John, Lady Gaga, Cher, etc.). They feel those are the draws for that all important "millennial" crowd.


    And strangely, they seem to feel no one really cares much about the parking and resort fees. Personally, if this is true, I feel they have their heads up their asses.

  3. I agree the parking and resort fees are diving people away. I've also heard the rumors that the Cirque shows are not doing all that well anymore either, and that they may be removed within a year or two. I used to go once a year, but not so much anymore... it's just not the quick, affordable weekend getaway it used to be.


    When I do go, I go primary for food, shows, Bellagio Conservatory/Fountains, and unique events (Neon Museum, The Haunted Museum, Pinball Museum, Ethel M Chocolate Factory Tour, Atomic Museum, and Raising Caine's--as there aren't any near me, haha)

  4. So yeah if anybody hears about when this opens, sound the alarm bells please. I have vacation June 14th-21st and I plan on spending maybe 1 full day back home in Pittsburgh, and the rest will be in Virginia Beach.


    I know, I'll be going around July 11, and I'm kind of holding my breath to see if it'll be open by then--seems like it could be a close call. My travels are tied to a business trip, so the dates are kinda inflexible for me. :/

  5. California's Great America still has a working Calypso, and it has great ops. CGA actually has 3 Schwartzkopf flat rides that are still operating: the Calypso (Centerfuge), Orbiter (Enterprise... many of these are starting to disappear from parks), and Beserker (Bayern Kurve... only 2 left in the states, here and Kennywood).


    I'd add that classic Chance Trabants are pretty rare now, and many Condors are now extinct. And my own personal Holy Grail, the Chance Turbo. Never got to ride one, although I remember many vivid memories of seeing one operate at the LA Fair, when I was too young to ride it. But I watched it for hours (well, it felt like hours, lol). I do know now a few parks had one in operation, Idora Park being most notated.

  6. Although I wonder how many people will make the most of their time in the land and jump into the line 5 minutes before their time-slot is up.


    This was my plan, but I saw on another credible site that they will not allow people to do this. Although how that will be enforced, and if so, when the cut of time would be, was not clear.


    The same site said they do intended to offer single rider line, even for the previews, so that may be helpful if it pans out.

  7. If you are spending all that time at Knotts, also make sure you head over across the street to see Indenpendance Hall. It's a nice, quite respite that is very often overlooked.


    If you really want to explore the park, there is so much history here. Parts of this park have been around for nearly 100 years... many of the building in Ghost Town are actually authentic, moved from real ghost towns.


    Aside from the obviously, try to catch the small things: a melodrama at the Bird Cage Theater (if running), visit the Schoolhouse, see (and hear) Catawumpus, feel the heartbeating grave at Boot Hill, listen to the "Private Club" across from the bumper cars (Wheeler Dealer), talk to Sad Eye Joe, catch the ghost in the coffin near the Bird Cage theater, view all the peek-ins around Ghost Town, catch the Wild West Stunt Show, and view the MIssion dioramas. For Ghostrider, if you go first thing in the morning, there are local feral cats that get fed by the nearby Pan for Gold every morning... look for them! And also listen for the sounds of mining as you enter the tunnel for Ghostrider, as well as in a pit near Boot Hill. And if you look up around Ghost Town, you may see some rocking chairs rocking all by themselves...


    Mystery Lodge is a lovely show, very underrated. And the Stagecoach is unique, but it can get long (and very slow moving) lines, so try to hit it on the early side. You may encounter some robbers on the train. The Hat Dance is a great, speedy tea cup ride that can really fly. If you're a Snoopy fanatic, there are at least two "hidden" Snoopys: one in the ironwork fence around the large fountain across from Iron Reek, and one in the Iron Reef loading area mural/steelwork. Good luck finding them.


    And go to the Chicken Dinner restaurant in the Marketplace (outside the park)... they have been serving the same recipes since the place got 4 hour lines in the 1930's. There's a reason it's popular. And eat as much Boysenberry as possible (the Boysenberry punch, served at most food locations in the park, is not to be missed)--it's the local crop that originated right on that very land. Also in the Marketplace, in some "hidden" doors in gift shop (they are marked "This is not an Exit"), is a lovely atrium and nook that is recreated to look like George Washington's fireplace (and all important bathrooms, lol).

  8. On a side note, if you are using membership for your front of the line passes, it does not include: X2, Superman, or Crazanity. I'd use it for FT or Tatsu... the line for TC generally moves pretty fast, especially if you get there early. I'd get to X2 ASAP, but also keep in mind it frequently has trouble opening with the park, and is frequently delayed by about 2o-30 minutes.


    Revolution hasn't had SR in a long time. I think Viper may have removed theirs as well. But I would use it on Riddler and Drop of Doom.

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