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  1. I Have nothing to say other than... check out this song!
  2. Yeah. I’ll stick with mindbender. Same, but They should've at least called it "Riddler's Revenge" like they usually name their riddler rides if they really HAD to get the name change out the door.
  3. "Riddler's Mindbender" Jesus christ did nobody at six flags even stop to think of that name for 5 Minutes?
  4. I got this news via Messaging the Official Jazzland Facebook Profile, but i think there's a interview with Tonya Pope(the lady leading the project.) Here's the link to the article: http://www.coastinusa.com/sfno-interview.html
  5. Honestly, what's the point?? With a layout like this: All I can see them doing is removing the lift hill, putting in a launch, and a "high-g" turnaround to head it back towards the loop. . . I can't imagine that the investment would even be worth it. Why not just scrap the ride and build something else?? Idk... maybe it's just me... But I don't see any of this ever actually happening. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I Have a reason to be excited for the new version of the Jester, that reason being that it's a Vekoma Hurricane. Vekoma's Hurricane Model only exists in 2 Rides and the Jester is currently one of them, it could be a great perk to be earned just you wait
  6. Still trying to think of a good day to ride Twisted Cyclone when it opens, thinking about a rainy day because of 2 reasons: 1. the Park will be just simply dead as come on, nobody want's to ride in the rain! 2. I'm pretty sure there will be a line, but it will probably be on the same levels as the first time i rode the original GA Cyclone. 3. Flash pass lines will be even deader, i'm considering buying a flash pass for that visit, as my experience with one back in 2013 was a pleasant one. Cannot wait for TC!
  7. Does not compute. They're bringing back Jazzland, and the person behind the project said that the Jester is being redone with a Launch and will be rethemed as a mountain themed ride, while the Mega Zeph will be redone and will get new elements. In other news, Jazzland V2.0 will NOT be having Zydeco Scream, as they said that it will be sold to another park so that the burden of the vekoma boomerang will live on and another park will have the curse, i'm hoping it's not going to be Six Flags Over Georgia, as i've ridden a Vekoma Boomerang at Carowinds(Which still counts as a perk, as that boomerang came from the Now-Defunct Geaugua Lake/Six Flags Ohio Park), if i recall exactly it wasn't a good experience. I'll post more news as it comes in, really cannot wait for Jazzland 2.0 to open soon.
  8. Also, Mega Zeph somehow was actually inspected to be fine by the steel structure and they are trying to get the original team to repair it and add a few new things that would reference the old Zeph Coaster from Pontchartrain Beach.
  9. So i heard they are redoing the Jester with a Launch, i think it would be a nice change of pace.
  10. I Was coming home from Birmingham today, and i happened to pass by SFOG! I Did try to get a photo of Twisted Cyclone, but my phone refused to take it for some reason. But i cannot wait to come back this summer!
  11. Honestly, i cannot wait to ride Twisted Cyclone, it seems like a nice ride especially coming from a guy who has ridden the original Georgia Cyclone Twice. I can still vaguely remember the empty lines for when it was originally open, so i might be slightly disappointing that the lines are going to be longer. But hey! That's the ride of Passage for my closest Six Flags getting a RMC Coaster.
  12. Hi! I have returned to this forum after leaving in 2013 due to my enthusiasm for rollercoasters slightly diminishing back then. While getting bored and watching a bunch of videos, i feel like it's only just coming back to me, i kind of expect myself to be on slightly more on this forum, so please expect more posts from me! -GameShibe
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