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  1. Someday, I will be able to kick GODDAMN F**KIN DONKEY A$$ES!!!
  2. Google at the parks? Oh yeah, I tried it yesterday and I think I pooped on someone at Mission Breakout. ;-;
  3. The 2019 addition plans have changed. WARNING: THIS WILL REVEAL THE 2019 EXPANSION. TURN BACK IF YOU WANT TO WAIT FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT. So, originally, I built two coasters. They were... Goliath: A B&M hyper coaster full of airtime, and with a raising helix. Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster: A clone of IGNITION at Valley Hills only with differences. So, what happened? Well, I was checking on a different forum about the Dollywood expansion for 2019, and it was there that I saw an anamation for Vekoma's pitch of Hyperion, which is that hyper coaster coming to Energylandia. I was intrigued and wanted to add it in Kings Roblox. Goliath and Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster were removed (I had already built them), and I built the Vekoma's Hyperion pitch instead. I named it Goliath, and because there was space left over, started a wing coaster in that empty space. So, that's what happened. I hope you enjoy. Pictures will be added later.
  4. Recently, a Vekoma Hypercoaster was in the plans for Energylandia, but it was in a poll, with the other choice being an Intamin hypercoaster. In the end, the Intamin hypercoaster won, and that's how Hyperion was born.
  5. Also, yes, I myself has added a Vekoma SLC in my park. Only without the inline twist. It is called Fly - Coast to Coaster.
  6. Bad idea, since it reveals the 2019 additions, but here is the 2019 park map. Sorry for no names given.
  7. Kings Roblox just announced sad news for the park. Basically, half of the theme park is being razed for the additions for 2019. RIP this whole half of the park.
  8. Sorry for double posting, but something appeared on the parks website. Concept art for Samurai, from Six Flags Wild Northwest. Hmm. 2019 coaster teaser perhaps?
  9. First ever PTR for this park!!! U know Batman the Ride has an awesome on ride photo? Right in the dive loop too! Entering the park shot. I then went to SCREAM and-wait WHAT IS THAT?! A shot from Batman The Ride. Half the exit is gone! Maybe it is a gift shop... INTAMIN IMPULSE SHOT!!! SCORE!!! I was just leaving the park when I noticed something odd... OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG WHERE IS THE FLOORLESS COASTER AND WHY IS THERE A CRANE!!!??? This ends my trip report. (creator comment: The floorless coaster was removed to make way for a new coaster in 2019. This park starts from the current year.)
  10. Hello! This is my first theme park i have uploaded here! I DID upload this park after I completed it, but I hope you enjoy!
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