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  1. Build a legit giga, something like fury, send goliath to another park, cool ride but ...meh. plan more flats for the area in the future...thats two big coasters for 2 parks for the price of one....well, plus demo costs I guess
  2. Still trying to figure out what a negative g stall loop means...the slow float thru the 1st full inversion? If so is YOLO the first, because it excels at this
  3. The ride concept...awesome but the first two elements (inversions) are missed opportunities for epic airtime, something im sure we could all agree Magic Mountain lacks....inversions are cool but enough is enough...
  4. The park has been removing shade for years, I'm not going to complain that they're adding some, even it it were the only 2019 addition. Plus with the money they will save on the long run that helps for future additions. Agreed
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