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  1. Thinking that IF the mountain gets a coaster it'll be a RMC T-rex...itll be the first of it's kind (nagic mountain loves this)itll have a vertical drop, big but not quite Giga (250ft), too.many inversions and not enough airtime, visually appealing but leave you wanting more, operations will be horrendous and Cedar Fair will build a better one in.2020. Crazanity looks super fun tho. You heard it here first.
  2. Those are all good points. I try not to be over confrontational about it but it just gets under my skin and a lot of the time I do say something....i guess that's the result of scoreless games and participation trophies...why is line hopping ok at a theme park? That would never fly at DMV, or anywhere else really
  3. I live in Santa Clarita, I'm from Sacramento ...thugs? The coversation was about middle school/high school kids and entire families. ..its ok, I'll stand my ground, you can let entitled millennials walk all over you....im not trying to be a jerk, I'm just saying, the more they get away with it the more theyre going to do it. How well do you think its works out for them when they try to walk past the so called 'thugs'
  4. Why do people let others line jump?... ok, mom had to take a kid or two to the bathroom but when 5 teens try to pass, i roadblock and call them out on. "I don't care if your friend is at the front of the line, you're not passing me, feel lucky you got this far"...amazing how many people around join in and typically shame them out of the queue
  5. They should unload on the breaks on Yolo, the train is sitting there before they are even close to loading the one in the station
  6. Not a big player? Knotts was the only non Universal or Disney park in the top 10 most attended theme parks in 2017
  7. I kind of hope it's not a racer...i feel that doubles the price per foot of track, tho it's probably not quite double.... my guess (hope) is a T-rex with stupid amounts of ejector air, long enough to feel like a complete ride and of course Giga but that parts a pipe dream unless it were like Xcelerator with a even more complete 2nd half.. we can all dream, can't we?
  8. Been pretty busy this week, eeh? Was thinking.of going tomorrow (Friday) night, not worth it?
  9. Is ghostrider open today? I know the schedule says tomorrow but was hoping...
  10. Yes, ghostrider is fine just.how it is for now...RMC, as good as I'm sure it would be would be a waste of a great woodie
  11. No need to RMC Ghostrider. It is fine just how it is. hey, just trying to find relevance to explain the Steel Vengeance update in the KBF thread . . . Umm, cedar fair...idk, I don't follow cedar points thread as iits 2000 miles away . Sorry for posting...Giant Dipper in Santa Cruz is running smooth today tho...but I guess that's irrelevant too...carry on keyboard warrior
  12. Just heard Steel Vengeance crashed, train collision..minor, no serious injuries but I'm thinking it'll be closed for a while.
  13. Yeah, I feel TC crew is pretty much always hustling they make the other crews look bad....im surprised these people keep their job and it's not like the park doesn't know their ride ops are lazy as it is almost the most spoke about reputation of the park.
  14. No Six Flags has stated multiple times on conference calls that they have no intention of adding to their current level of CapEX spending (percentage-wise), and in fact they hope to reduce it. You're not getting a Giga coaster. Also, how is it your "last hope"? [ A few years ago six flags also said MM or GA would probably get a giga in the next few years. I say last hope because where else would one go....they already said they have no intention of removing Viper, the either have to get very creative or do slot of excavating that would probably double the cost but you're probably right, So-cal....no California will never have a giga
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