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  1. Nice. I send my condolences and get trolled. People on these threads are so nice.. enjoy your go-carts
  2. Oh man, you guys got trolled. Went from sob hype to antique cars...sob return would have been epic...oh well, magic mountain is my home park, I sure they'll give you something to laugh at on the 30th....Cheers!
  3. Ok...the t-rex concept... Bigger in 2019...than a raptor... 1,2,3,4 ...inversions.... Ready,set,go...includes a deliberate rollback with a launch.... Launching, yup... Racing, some of that too.... Victory?..1st of its kind?...or best coaster? 2 moebius loops, or RMC'S are better than one.. Maxx force.. XX for 20th coaster West coast racers go-cart retheme MM comes in swinging with a world class coaster that'll probably be high of a few lists and gives CP a run for their money I'm going BIG, T-rex in 2019...
  4. Agreed but '2' could mean anything....2 tracks, 2 launches, 2 gimmicks, 2 rides (coaster and a flat?), 2 minutes, '2'00 feet, 2 abreast (t-rex) as opposed to a raptor, ok that's a stretch...you know what I mean? And west coast races could be for cyclone 500 retheme...For some reason i think (hope) 6flags is being more vague than we think.
  5. Mobius racer like TC but launches instead of lifthills? Tho would have to be a loooooong circuit for it to actually race so I guess that's out...I hope it's not a racer simply because that probably doubles the price per linear foot so essentially a racer would be another half a coaster when they could spend the same on one track, twice the length..
  6. 7 huh? Lol 1) Larson loop 2) Skywarp 3) Tourbilion...how do you spell that? 4) Skyrocket II 5) Spin out returns 6) another Larson loop 7) Horizontal skywarp (whatever that's called)
  7. Pretty small footprint actually, look at Riddlers for example...what, 4 times the footprint...still thinking Mack spinner skyrocket 2 looking thing. CGA gets the $20m Mack
  8. Goliath is a pretty lame coaster but remains the smoothest coaster in the park
  9. I think the closer to the front the better the airtime hill, in fact I think you get little or no air in the back half of the train
  10. Green Lantern was an injury, lawsuit waiting to happen. It's a shame six flags is more interested in their coaster count then the safety of their guests. I mean, is anyone surprised someone got hurt on it. I'm not. Maybe they should have over trimmed the ride before they got sued. Now, maybe, coaster #20 will still be #19.. SBNO doesnt count, in my book anyway...still think they should just tear it down
  11. S&S Hyper looks interesting....if the new coaster has to be a ANOTHER looper, that could work.
  12. Does anyone know if X2 was partially responsible for Six Flags going bankrupt? I'm guessing rides like Kingda Ka, El Toro, both Goliaths and Tatsu were probably responsible for SF going bankrupt. X2 bankrupt Arrow, you're right about the rest
  13. Just thought; one of those Mack skyrocket 2 style spinner....even tho it would probably be fun I think it would be dumb, especially for a milestone coaster (#20) BUT it's totally Six Flags and fit right where those buildings were demoed AND fit all the rumors.....Mack, 1st, Lauch, Spinner, Cheap Can I post that?
  14. The skyward looks kind of lame anyway, Larson loop with a twist, literally.They should just return it. Lol. What's that, 5 back and forth "coasters"
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