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  1. So I just wanted to report back today from my first experience at KK, (and my first RMC/Chance!) A little background: being from Florida I've always been a little spoiled with theme parks. My first coaster was Dueling Dragons: Fire, and I've been blessed with the opportunities I've had being raised around such wonderful parks like Disney, USO/IoA, Busch Gardens. I was excited to try out a former Six Flags park (as I've never been to a SF either.) I had experienced Elitch Garden's in Denver which didn't leave me yearning for much from today, and with that in mind I was pleasantly surprised at todays trip! We went for a company black out date which helped a lot with the lines, and even though the weather was raining, it wasn't enough to close the rides down, but just enough to get people out of the lines for re-rides! The park was pretty much spotless, and had a lot of rides for different ages! With the weather threatening to close the rides down I pretty much only did the two star attractions that I'd read so much about. In the span of a couple of hours I did Storm Chaser three times, and Lightning Run twice! Let me tell you what, I was expecting an amazing ride, and it exceeded those expectations on both! Storm Chaser: I was extremely excited to try out my first RMC and have read about people putting this ride well into their top 10's and now I really see why! That thing just did NOT let up! Start to finish I was holding on for my life. Reading reviews on this thing I thought it was going to be overhyped but it really exceeded my expectations! The ejector airtime is phenomenal, the twists and turns are just insane! I couldn't tell what side was up at certain points! Riding it in the rain added to the fun as well, if you ever get the chance I'd definitely recommend it! It's just such a wild ride! I can't wait to see what else RMC does in the future! Lightning Run: I knew Lightning Run got rave reviews, and people praised it, but walking up I thought it looked kind of "tame." This ride is so far from it, and I ate my words. Just like Storm Chaser, this ride just doesn't let up till you've hit the brakes! Those last 3 hills had me clutching my pearls! There was a crazy moment where I couldn't even tell where we were going. Definitely a wonderful addition to this park, and definitely in my top 10! ADDENDUM: The only issue I have with the ride is with the riders more than the coaster itself. I'm a big guy, and I won't lie, I had to get a little extra shove into Storm Chaser today to get it to "click." Lightning Run seems to have issues with bigger riders, and people having to do the walk of shame, slowing down load times. I'll admit though, those trains are pretty tailored to a certain size. I'm 6'2 and my belly wasn't so much the issue as my leg length/thickness was. Unfortunately it slowed the load times down quite significantly, the coaster would complete it's course and sit on the brakes for a while before the next one would move out. It's rather dubious as some of the people I saw get off were even smaller framed than I was. I was legitimately concerned I wouldn't fit for the first time on a coaster, and today was definitely a "lose weight" wake-up call. -- Unfortunately I didn't do anything past those two coasters as it had rained (it's okay though I really was there for the two star attractions,) but we did get to try some food at the Bayou Cafe, and picked up some pretzels, and funnel cakes later in the day. Pretty average park going food, nothing to rave about. My only qualm is more or less the fact that a pizza cost 30 dollars (20 for season passholders,) and it definitely wasn't worth the price. Though I wasn't expecting much out of the food here in the first place, it just really missed the mark for my friends and I with that cost. The park itself has a weird set-up and took me a minute to realize how to get the back half with Storm Chaser and Hurricane Bay. I wish I'd had more time there, but fortunately with the rain we were able to keep our extra tickets to come back another weekend before they close for the season at the end of September. So if anyone is interested in going, I'd love to meet up with some fellow enthusiasts and I'd be happy to get you in! Definitely a fun place, and I can't wait to discover more about it! Those two coasters definitely draw me there enough as is, but I'm super excited to check out Hurricane Bay as well! Any who, enough text, onto the photos! I cannot get over how photogenic this ride is! Seriously, look at how beautiful that is! You can get so close to the track for photos too! Such a great ride! There was quite literally no one in line! Twisty, metal, madness! Again, such a beautiful ride to photograph! I couldn't stop smiling after I got off! I just ran back to the entrance for more! I didn't get to ride Thunder Run, I don't have the best back, so I typically avoid wooden coasters. I don't even know if the Ferris Wheel runs. I didn't see it move much today.
  2. Once finished do you keep this project as a permanent installation? I'm curious the time frame on how long these last, especially with how much effort has gone in already!
  3. I was under the impression that the Ministry of Magic expansion would be on the USO side of the property as an extension off of London/Diagon Alley in the plot currently occupied by the Fear Factor Live Stage. With Rowling I'm sure that the MoM is going to go into USO. I could very much see the rumored Forbidden Forest going into where Lost Continent currently sits. Though even as a huge potterhead growing up I really don't want to see much more of it in the parks. Especially being raised and working IoA when Potter first opened. I just think it's getting to be too much of the same thing.
  4. I wonder with the Sinbad show leaving if that means they're slowly going to start taking out more and more of The Lost Continent until nothing remains ... or is Mythos what's spearheading that area at this point?
  5. ^ I wish Elitch Gardens did something like that. Then again, I wouldn't really spend money to go there with all the beautiful parks around to have a picnic.
  6. I remember when I was eight and just hit the height requirement for Dueling Dragons and The Hulk. I chose to ride the Fire side as my first "big boy coaster" and I was hooked. That ride is what sparked my enthusiasm for theme parks, and eventually got me to work my first job at Universal, (as well as Disney later down the road). It was such a bummer to see it stop dueling, and then to see it's identity get taken away as well. What bothers me most about this situation is the ride has become something that, while as Robb stated, still pleases guests. The ride itself was neglected by Universal, almost like they knew when they opened Potter that Dueling Dragons wasn't going to last. So they left it alone, made the locker situation terrible for re-rides, and didn't even bother sprucing it up when the rest of Potter came to town. Another thing that irks me about the whole situation is that they definitely had the money to give it a face lift after Potter. They could have done what they did with Hulk, (not necessarily dismantle it and put it back together,) but at the very least close it down and give it a bit of TLC in other areas that were needed. All in all it is such a shame to see this ride getting scrapped. I hope the future holds something amazing in store for that plot of land. There are some pretty high standards to meet ride wise. So help me god if we get another simulator attraction ...
  7. Yes, I'm a big burly guy, but at home I love to listen to things like Sara Bareilles (in that feel.) Have you ever eaten at a Michelin star restaurant?
  8. Elitch Gardens is technically my home park since I live in Denver, and honestly I just skip the whole park. To be specific, Twister II. I'm originally from Florida though and I consider IoA my home park. I always skipped Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls and Popeye. I don't enjoy being soaked and walking around in the Florida sun.
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