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  1. Idk if anyone else noticed this, but the clown posters hanging up in the 4D cinema facade, are the same ones used by Six Flags in their Freak Show scare zones, well at least at Georgia's
  2. I received an email today from Kentucky Kingdom asking me to share the Halloscream promotional poster on all my social media, so of course this was the best place to start. I'm very excited for this event but I know it'll only continue next year if people show up and support it this year, so anyone who can please come. I loved this as a kid and I hope it's better than I remembered it.
  3. The presale site says you’ll need a password provided in the August 14th pass holder announcements email, I’ve received that email from 3 different parks and none of them mention the password. They only talk about the official start of the flash sale on the 26th and the ride announcements on the 29th. I was ready to buy my passes today lol.
  4. We also went tonight, in addition to some lights being out in strands or listed sections not being lit up at all, is it just St Louis or has every park started upcharging for regular dining pass menu items? We usually get macho nacho and this time it was a 2 dollar upcharge a piece for burritos. SFoG didn’t do this just 3 or so weeks ago at Frightfest: I understand the upcharge for things like the buffet, but regular menu items should be included in the dining plan. I know 12 dollars for 6 burritos isn’t much, but it is nickel and diming and adds up over visits.
  5. We go every year on Black Friday & Saturday and it's never really crowded at all, it's one of the most peaceful times to go in my opinion.
  6. Last year the only coasters not open were GASM and Blue Hawk, Lickskillet was the only section closed during HiTP so no skyscreamer last year either. This year could be entirely different of course
  7. How did you go to Holiday in the Park when Fright Fest hasn't even started yet?
  8. Speaking of Lightning Rod, has anybody been in the park to get some updates? I thought they should have been finished with retracking by now? I’ve been here all week and we’ve yet to see any person or machines or anything in the rides area
  9. This is the calendar of ERT dates for season pass and it still has LR as the ERT for Saturday August 4th but that could be wishful thinking on their part. https://www.dollywood.com/themepark/Guest-Services/Early-Entry
  10. Timesaver Unlimited gives you unlimited rides on Lightning Rod, regular Timesaver gives you one ride, unless you forego dropline and then you can go a second time.
  11. When did they implement this rule? We have visited several times last year and twice already this year, and never have been asked to remove our glasses.
  12. It was single train operations Yesterday. The park was wonderful at opening, we managed to ride every coaster from the 10 AM opening until about 12ish. The large amount of band and choral kids hit the park after that and it was a very busy day. The fact that the train closed the Metropolis section didn't help with crowds either as Justice League, SMUF and Reverse GASM were all closed after that.
  13. That is correct, the online park map reflects this. https://www.kentuckykingdom.com/experience/park-map/
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