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  1. Hi I am going to KD on a Monday in late June and I will have the whole day. We are so excited I am a platinum pass holder with cedar point and I have heard different things about early entry with this, can anyone offer help? I will not have Fast lane but I have two autistic teens and we get the plan a day pass where we can ride a ride every so often with a time. This works very good for us in having this and I am grateful to the park for this. We do mostly coasters with a few flat rides. I was at this park once a few years ago but wasn't able to do much with my group! Does anybody have a touring plan advice? Also I am very excited to ride I305 when I was there a few years ago it was closed for repairs. Also looking forward to TT. The mac and cheese restaurant sounds great and I know where my daughter will want to eat! Also can anyone tell me a comparison to flight of fear? I have ridden indoor coasters like Mummy, Skull Mountain, Dark Knight is it close to one of these in terms of dark ness and track? I understand there are different opinions just trying to figure out if this will be a ride we can do. I did watch the you tube video but would love someone on here who has ridden it have some feed back. Thanks so much for all your help!
  2. Hi everyone! I am sorry to ask another how to tackle this park but could really use some advice. We are traveling back from Florida on a Saturday in June and will only have a few hours to hit a couple of rides. We are platinum holders with cedar point and want to take advantage of it. We only have about 4 hours in the park but we only want to ride Fury, Intimidator and Nighthawk. We want to ride Fury more times than the others. I was wondering if the Platinum pass gets me early entry? If it does or not what is the best strategy for the park. We can be there for early entry or when the park opens. Is there a specific route to get to the rides you recommend? I know a lot of parks when they early entry have some sections roped off. We are so excited to ride Fury the most. I appreciate all the help and thank you!
  3. Hi went to my home park today and just wanted to give a little report with some pics. We got there about 11:15 and went right to Superman. Got right in line for the back and was talking to the associate. Superman was only running one train today. It seems the other train is being put together so it will be a short time before both are up and running. He said they didn't rush because of the cold weather. It isn't good for those trains to sit idle. He mentioned they are looking into putting heaters into the station after I was talking about Nitro and how they run it in such cold. Maybe if it works out we can see Superman for Holiday in the Parks. The ride rode great, lots of air time this is still one of my favorite steel. We have the dining plan and I swear the lines for the food were longer than the rides today. We ate at Macho Nacho (no change there, it's decent) For dinner we ate at Take 6, however some of my family got the fish and chips. Everything was good and saw no changes. For snacks my daughter got a cheesy bread at the new restaurants in Gotham City. It has meatball grinders, pizza and cheese bread and something else. This is the one right across from the ladder walk. Also right next door is another new Mexican. It is not a make your own stuff like Macho Nacho and pretty much has the same thing. We saw no change in making drinks easier to get with the refillable cups. We rode Wicked Cyclone, Pandemonium, Wave Swinger, Batman, Joker, Gauntlet and bumper cars. Everything was running great and we had a lot of fun. We especially enjoy these bumper cars. The best ones I have been on. Wicked Cyclone was running one train and Batman was running two. The tea cups work in the old Buzz Saw spot. The pain job and entrance for Riddler Revenge looks so much better than Mind eraser. I think it looks good. Where they put the sphere between Riddler and Harley Quinn is tight. It will be so close when it shoots up. Also I see that walking path being crowded. The entrance in once past security was the old Discover lane is now a Members Pass Only line. Other wise not much difference. The new bathrooms across from Take 6 are great! The old ones were the worst on the property. I like the speed trap in the old stage, it looks good. We left about 5:30 it started getting too cold. Overall a great day and it was nice to be back. I have a few pics I took of some of the changes in Gotham City. Tea cups look good! Harley Quinn Queue area Harley Quinn queue area Harley Quinn queue area
  4. Thank you so much I am not going to worry about upgrading my gold pass to a gold membership!
  5. Hi I has anybody who has gone yet this season notice how they are working the turnstiles with Season Passes and Memberships? Another poster on the Texas thread last fall mentioned seeing membership rows then season pass and regular tickets together. I was wondering if New Jersey is doing this? I really liked getting in that 10 minutes early in NJ. I will be going to SFNE this weekend and will check out there and post on that thread! Thanks!
  6. Hi I was wondering if someone can help me with a park question. I am heading there the third week in August from the 19th to the 23rd. I noticed that the hours change that week to closing earlier. I could go the week before if I have to where the hours are longer. My question is does this mean that there will be less attendants and some rides may not be open like full swing summer? I wasn't sure when their summer help leave. Thanks for your help!
  7. Hi I was wondering if anybody has ridden "WC" and now "TT" and can compare if it is the same style seating? I love "WC" but find sometimes my feet and legs are in a bit of an awkward position. Thanks for the info. and the reports. I can't wait to ride this in June.
  8. Hi we have stayed at the Best Western in Bordentown many times. We usually can get in there for under $100.00. It has a decent breakfast and pool. The rooms were remodeled two years ago.
  9. The teens are already asking when we can start the park again. We are there almost every weekend and then at least twice a week in the summer. We enjoyed Holidays in the Park this year and so glad they are bringing it back. It's nice to live so close to one of their parks. I love the idea of the early entry but if the dining plan lines are any indication of day tickets verses pass holders early entry might not have that big effect. Although it is a nice trial and if it works then they can implement at other parks. Thanks to everyone who posted information and pics!
  10. I can't wait to try the mac and cheese bowls. My daughter will be very happy about this. I don't think twice about the names but agree with posters that any make over of a ride is a good thing. I was mentioning to my family about the name change and instead of saying "Apple Zapple" I blurted out "Yapple Dapple". I loved the genie cartoon as a kid and it just came out.
  11. 1. What is the best park visit you had in 2017? Universal IOA, Universal Studios and Volcano Bay 2. Have you ever traveled to a park with a specific ride in mind only for it to be closed all day? Kings Dominion I305 3. GCI or Gravity Group? Pick one. GCI 4. How many different parks did you visit in 2017? 6 5. How many times did you visit your home park in 2017? 35 6. What was the first RMC you rode? Wicked Cylcone 7. Best view from the top of a lift? Valraven 8. What new-for-2018 roller coaster are you most anticipating? Pick one. Steel Vengance 9. RMC or Intamin? You can only choose one. Intramin 10. What was your favorite new-to-you ride of 2017? Justice League Battle for Metropolis 11. Money is no object. You can travel to any park in the world right now by snapping your fingers. Where are you going? Alton Towers in England 12. Have you ever made out with someone in a queue line? no 13. What is the last coaster that changed your top 10? Gatekeeper 14. Disney or Universal? Universal 15. When is the last time you witnessed someone puke at a park? 2016 Raptor 16. How many new credits did you pick up in 2017? If you don't count, take your best guess... 6 17. You're at Magic Mountain. You have a one hour ERT session on ONE coaster of your choice. You choose... ERT 18. Name a coaster or ride that you passionately dislike. Green Lantern 19. What is the most amount of money you've spent on a Fast Pass? $180.00 20. Skyscreamers or Windseekers? Skyscreamers 21. What is your most recent B&M credit? Gatekeeper 22. Best adult beverage at a theme park? (under 21: whats your favorite beverage you can only get at a park?) Beer 23. Most irritating coaster nickname/abbreviation? IDK 24. Butterbeer or Dole Whip? Butterbeer 25. Favorite steel coaster *under* 100 feet? Maverick 26. What's the best bathroom at your home park? Crackle Axel Canyon 27. Nighttime ERT on Lightning Rod or all-you-can-eat Cinnamon Bread? You can only choose one. Cinnamon Bread 28. If it were in your power, what coaster would you relocate to Knoebels? Verbolten 29. What is the last thing you remember eating in a theme park? loaded baked potato 30. Your favorite coaster got equipped with on board audio x Spotify. What's your hype track? Crazy Train 31. Name the most disappointing ride you took in 2017. Gauntlet 32. Airtime hill or Zero G Roll? Airtime 33. What is your favorite coaster/ride built before 1970? Thunderbolt 36. You just won a 3 day trip with hotel and airfare included. The catch is you have to choose between Disneyworld or Cedar Point. Which do you choose and why? Cedar Point because the rides are much more thrilling. I also enjoy staying at Hotel Breakers and be that close to the park. 37. Floater or Ejector? Ejector 38. What was your worst park experience of 2017? Going to Cedar Point for Halloweekends and Top Thrill was down! The whole weekend was very windy with a lot of ride closures. 39. Name your favorite coaster under 41 feet tall. Skull Mountain 40. End your post with an aerial shot of one of your top 5 coasters.
  12. Hi I just made my reservations for the Hotel Breakers summer of 2018 on the phone It is going to be an awesome time!
  13. We decided to do Annual/ Season Passes this year to 3 park chains and will make multiple trips. Definite Six Flags NE - home park we are there all the time Six Flags GAdv. at least 3 weekends Universal Orlando 2 driving trips Cedar point 2 driving trips Kings Dominion 2 driving trips.
  14. I thought we talked about it ten pages back. Sorry I was on vacation for awhile and I thought I went back enough!
  15. I was checking the newest news and rumors over at Screamscape. There is a rumor that a "skywarp" ride by skyline attractions will be added next summer. Any thoughts?
  16. Here I go Connecticut (Lake Compounce) - Boulderdash Florida (Universal)- Revenge of the Mummy Massachusetts (SFNE)- Superman Maryland (SFA)- Superman New Jersey ( SFGAdv)- Nitro Ohio- (Cedar Point)- Gatekeeper Virginia- ( Bush Gardens)- Griffon
  17. TTD is smooth as butter, I'm telling you it's a totally different ride. I rarely ride Ka because even in the front I feel like I just got smacked on the back of the head with a frying pan. I don't know why it's so much worse than Dragster. Clearly SF doesn't care about maintenance as much as CP and maybe the heaviness of the OTSRs make it more difficult to launch, who knows. The good news is I have the opportunity to ride Dragster once a year. The bad news is, it's completely ruined Ka and made it almost unrideable by comparison! Either way, do yourself a favor and Get To The Point. I totally agree. After riding TTD and being so smooth, I can't ride Ka anymore to much of a headache.
  18. Hi Tuesdays are a pretty good day to go. You will have families and camps. We go from park opening and head to the water park about 11:00. It seems people stay in the dry park till about 1:30 then flock to the water park. We usually head out to the dry park about 2:00 and the lines usually run about 20-30 minutes for the popular ones. Then when the water park closes at 6:30 it is mobbed. The dry park is a little heavy from opening till about 1:30 but still doable. Our longest lines are Joker, Superman, Wicked Cyclone, Batman and Goliath. Before the joker and we were just doing the dry park we would start with Superman than head to Wicked Cyclone then Goliath. The Joker is on the same side as Batman so you could hit them one after another. Superman, Wicked Cyclone and Joker are the three top busiest. Hope this helps!
  19. Hi I am glad to hear such good trip reports for my home park. We are here at least once a week sometimes twice in the summer. We really enjoy the water park in addition and it's a nice size park where the teens can go off and do things. I have noticed the Operations are better this year. Agree they need to do something with the refill stations and somehow speed food lines up. We love JB's but if you don't hit it early in the summer by afternoon it's a long line. We love Take 6 wraps. The old Captain Rivi's for salads are good when trying to be healthy Superman is riding real good this year as well as Wicked Cyclone. We pass on Goliath now which is sad. We loved that ride before they replaced the old train. The old train didn't jostle at all and was a great ride. I have to say one of my favorite rides are the bumper cars there. I always make it a point to ride them at each park and by far these are the best ones to me. My family still doesn't like Mind Eraser it's better but I think the elements are to close together for us. I also think Scream is one of the better drop towers. I love the shooting tower first and always get great air time. I agree the Joker here is more intense than SFGAdv. After going a few times I like that they put the security in the front before the turnstiles. It seems to help the congestion getting in to the park. The one problem I am seeing is confusion on letting the Gold Pass members in early. It is a little confusing and no signs saying where to go. I would love to see six flags put in more free-style machines or self service especially in the North End of the park. Even if they have to go with a chip cup like Disney. I can't stand waiting mixed in with food lines too. Overall enjoying the summer and the park, I hope more of you have good trips here.
  20. Hi everybody! I just got back from a two day trip to the park. We live out of state so we go down and stay overnight and do two days. This year we brought three of my daughter's friends. Two were newbies to the park and they loved it. We were there Sunday 6/25 and Monday 6/26. Sunday was packed it was BFF day and various groups. Monday was nice and low crowds. We took all the kids on Ka and Zumanjaro and one of them liked them the other did not. The next day he wanted to ride Ka again and I was shocked it was only a 15 minute wait like early afternoon. I told him go ahead. Unfortunately nobody wanted to ride with him. We find Ka very jostling and can only do it once during a visit. He was actually able to ride it twice that day both with 15 minute waits. Security was there checking for stuff in pockets. It was the only ride on Monday handing out the vouchers to show that you didn't skip the line. We didn't see it on any other ride. El Torro was down on Sunday till late afternoon then opened up we only rode it once. On Monday it was fine. Security was there checking pockets for stuff. We were able to walk right on Monday most of the day. JLBM had the biggest line but we were able to ride it. I really like this dark ride. There were only two parts chasing down a street that got me a little dizzy. Overall I think it is a great ride, it did have minor technical problems but came back up quick. I am glad that 6 flags is going in this direction I think it is a nice addition. We decided to wait in the gift shop for JLBM after we got up to the entrance and told it was down. I went over to where the ride exits and you can see in. I was able to watch and like 5 minutes later the ride went back up. We darted out of the store and got in line. A lot of people left the line and didn't know it reopened. If you have time and want to wait it was a good way to find out quick it was up again. I agree they need to build that area up it really is a nice section of the park. It was a nice visit also because all the rides were running at some point both days so we didn't have to miss anything. The kids enjoyed the Safari and the animal feedings. I think that is a really neat activity. We skipped the joker we have it in our park. Nitro (which is our fave) we were able to ride multiple times. It did break down a couple of times but came back up quickly. Out of my group I am the one who likes Bizzaro the best. I have no problems on that ride but nobody else wanted to ride again so I didn't. I don't like to ride them by myself I would rather skip it. Skull mountain was good, like the back for that ride. We rode the sky ride multiple times I really enjoy this one. I haven't learned my lesson with GA Cafe, that place is mobbed all the time for the funnel cakes. I swear sometimes the food lines are longer than the rides. We do have the premium dining plan so we can use at there and our home park. I still think it is a great deal but a headache sometimes. Part of the group (not me or my daughter) rode Superman and it was a long wait and they just didn't care about doing it again. It was frustrating because on Sunday with the park so crowded they only had the one train running for a long time. The gates did open up to passholders maybe about 10 minutes before. It is a little bit of a help to get ahead of the crowds. We arrive about 9:50 to get as close to the front as possible. Overall we had a great trip and the kids loved the park. It is so much bigger than ours. We told them we will take them for FF, however I know to go the first weekend or second otherwise it is jammed. I don't mind doing it in September we have before and it was okay. We will probably take them back for Holiday.
  21. Hi yes they have stopped selling at on line and at the park. I did purchase them before they stopped and Universal says they will honor any that were purchased prior to stopping. I am not sure when they would go back to selling them. I am going in late July/early August and hoping that it will have some of the kinks worked out.
  22. HI from what I heard on one of my other sites is they are having multiple problems. 1. A couple of pumps broke 2. The chemical levels in the water have been off 3. A conveyor belt broke 4. The sensors to let people know when to go have been off.
  23. Hi I am not sure about when it might happen, however I did see a tweet that mentioned this fall for Halloweekends. I think it could be possible since, they have a lot done. The other thing that gives me the idea is that they shut down mean streak and buried it in the fall. It would be cool kind of have like a resurrection around the same time a year later. Who knows I would love that since I will be out there Columbus Day weekend like last year.
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