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  1. How's that water park expansion coming along? Can we at least see some pics of that? Since, you know, there's this other major construction project just a few feet of Lake Erie and somehow nobody is supposed to see it...
  2. That's not how the First Amendment works! Well played. I just don't see why everybody has to be so deadly secretive and serious around here is all. I mean, it's a friggin amusemunt park forum. You guys talk about 2017 vs 2018 opening like it's life or death or something...
  3. Pssst.. apparently there's still something called The First Amendment over on Twitter where if you look up #rmcmeanstreak a couple of pictures of the tophat element in progress can be seen. Probably a plot by the Russians to undermine the sanctity of our precious American roller coasters...
  4. Alright, guys, I know I'm not supposed to do this, and I'm probably going to get banned for this, bit I know why they're being so secretive and protective about the RMC of Mean Streak. Behold - the secret plans! This coaster has a fatal flaw. There is a thermal exhaust port and if you hit it right there THE WHOLE COASTER GOES DOWN! Take this and do what you will with it!
  5. Lamest coaster ending for Fabio. Best coaster ending for me.
  6. I think there were too many people who hated Mean Streak for it's RMCed reincarnation to have either "Mean" or "Streak" in its name. And I posted a silly meme suggesting Green Streak. I knew that wasn't gonna happen even before I saw the reddish new track.
  7. The new logo is boring, but so was the old one. Not that it much matters to me. A five year old could make the logo with crayon and I'd still want to go to Cedar Point.
  8. The second lift hill on The Beast. I've only ridden it once, back when I was a kid but I didn't realize it had a second lift hill and I was all like "No way! This ride's crazy! "
  9. I've never ridden a flyer before and don't really know what to expect from Manta. That seating arrangement looks very awkward to me. Not sure if I'm going to love it or hate it. Mako, on the other hand, looks like a slam dunk.
  10. The beginning of the 2017 season seems like too short a time frame and the beginning of 2018 seems like too long a time frame. I can't see them debuting it mid-season though so I have to go with 2018. Besides, I've never known CP to spring multiple major new improvements in the park in one season.
  11. I'm in the same boat as you, bud. I hope Mako is up and running.
  12. Is there a Willie Wonka dark ride anywhere? If not, why not?
  13. I think he's wondering if there will be anything on the map in Mean Streak's place- in which case, I wouldn't be surprised to see something along the lines of Under Construction: Check Back in 2018 over that general spot on the map. And he's talking about the disconnect between RIpCord's appearance and the Frontier theme which can't be nearly as bad as Skyhawk
  14. If the RMC Mean Streak 2.0 is indeed not going to be ready to ride until 2018 how do you suppose the work in progress will look on the 2017 park map?
  15. Now that I'm looking at this guy he might not make it to 2018 but still, the sentiment remains.
  16. Cedar Point is far and away the best park in the Cedar Fair chain and it's not cause of the coaster collection. It's because of THE SKY RIDE! Trying to get this thread back on track...
  17. I guess the little brother would have to be Dorney Park since they get Cedar Point's hand-me-downs.
  18. I got a surprisingly not bad ride on Corkscrew this past summer. Magnum and Blue Streak rode a lot rougher than they did after 15 years so I steeled myself for the worst with Corkscrew as I remembered it as being very rough but it wasn't too bad at all. I think I sat in the third or fourth car from the front. I think I've just gotten good at holding my head slightly forehead on headbangers cause Roug didn't bother me much either. If maintenance and ridership make CP have to replace Corkscrew I think they definitely need to put new Corkscrews on that midway. They're so iconic anybody used to that midway would just feel a sense of loss not to see them there. What if they built a racing corkscrew? Has that ever been done before? (Maybe make it a launched coaster, too.) The tracks could be blue and white or maybe blue and red. And Cedar Point could further downsize the lagoon to account for the extra midway space it would gobble.
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