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  1. This one sure reads like it's Tony running the account. It's almost bursting with snark. (See how I'm being good and playing by the rules here?)
  2. You must have been a big fan of Boblo's Skystreak and its unusual "low flat" element. Check it out below at 1:23 [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] I only went to Boblo once as a kid ages ago. I don't remember the ""low flat" being anything special; pretty anti-climactic, actually. My first coaster, right there !
  3. Because they're .jpg files. It would have to be a video file in order for it to have sound.
  4. If Cedar Fair wanted to prevent anybody from seeing this roller coaster during the off season maybe they should have built it back in the woods at Kings Island instead of right on Lake Erie.
  5. I would like to see a hybrid of a polercoaster and a dive coaster that had an actual drop that was a lot closer to its height and a more spread out layout. It would be cool if it had multiple observation decks, one really close to the top of the lift hill where you could watch the reactions of the riders looking down at the mighty first drop.
  6. Or maybe RMC Mean Streak will be their new dark ride. They'll hide that beautiful structure in a butt ugly beige airplane hangar just like they used for Disaster Transport
  7. I'd rather ride Wildcat than Avalanche Run/Disaster Transport any day.
  8. In its last few years, it seemed like DT got its longest lines when the park was packed AND the weather was hot (the queue being air conditioned helped) The poor capacity of the ride also contributed to the longer lines Yes, I've heard the trains were supposed to be shorter, which would have made for a more intense ride, but due to capacity concerns they had to be lengthened. One reason it was such a dud.
  9. It used to close in the rain too because the roof/coverings were so full of holes. Seriously, there were plants growing on it. Wow, that must have been in later years. I definitely remember a couple of times I rode it while it was raining in the 90s. The more people reminisce about DT the better Gatekeeper looks...
  10. Disaster Transport was at least something you could ride when it was raining, though you'd have to get there quick cause the line would quickly stack up. There was that and the IMAX theater. What does CP have for rainy times now? The arcade? If you live near any big city that should be something you can easily find back home anyway. It'll be nice when a new dark ride that's not Intamin bobsleds makes it's way to CP.
  11. Oh man! I forgot that people were batting around beach balls in that line when I went, too. Thanks for sharing
  12. I'm enjoying these Magnum reminiscings. I was a freshman in high school when it debuted and man, did that thing seem tall. I used to absolutely love Magnum, but when I rode near the back last year it had gotten a little too herky jerky for me. I missed the strobe lights in the tunnels, too. I guess they had to remove them cause they might cause seizures in certain people?
  13. This is going back probably 30 or so years but Space Mountain at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Other kids had really hyped it to me and some of the effects were kind of cool but I found the ride itself rather lame.
  14. Isn't the park going to have to announce it then? It seems assinine to not be upfront about what they're doing when there's thousands of people filing by every day. They don't necessarily have to reveal the whole layout, and they can still build anticipation by not doing that, but how can they not say RMC is revamping the old Mean Streak structure into a hybrid?
  15. I see five possibilities. 1. Schilke was an engineer at Arrow. If anyone is qualified to deal with an Arrow ride, it's him. RMC rebuilds the coaster, maybe making a few tweaks, but mostly not changing the ride. This would be like what B&M did to the Hulk. 2. S&S is, in some sense, the successor to Arrow. They could rebuild the coaster or at least retrack it like GCI has done for wooden coasters. 3. Chance owns Morgan, which redid the Steel Phantom. They do a retracking like GCI has done for wood coasters. 4. Another RMC idea uses the fact that the support structure is a lot more like a wood coaster than B&M and Intamin hypers. There's not just a pole every 50 feet or so. RMC could RMC the coaster the way they've RMCed wood coasters. 5. They tear it down and build a B&M (or the hot manufacturer when it happens) in its place. I think Magnum is likely to be left alone for a while. Once it's been around about 40 years, Cedar Point will have to address some issues with roughness. This wouldn't be a full retracking of a mile-long layout, but there are some places that could be tweaked. It's hard to say what roller coasters will be like when Magnum finally has to come down towards the end of this century, but that spot is likely to be reserved for a 200-foot out-and-back airtime machine unless there is a compelling reason to build something different, and whoever has taken the role of B&M probably would get to mimic the Magnum layout while adding some new tricks. (Or so I think.) thanks for laying out your theories. The reasoning behind my whole crazy idea was that I used to looove Magnum and when I went to Cedar Point after a long absence last year it wasn't that fun anymore. Maybe I should have rode in the front but in the back it was pretty rough without near the glorious airtime I remembered so I could see the need to do something about that aways down the road. I dunno, I'm just stupid, I guess. Glad I gave you guys some entertainment in the long off-season . Keep making those snarky gifs and I'll let you get back to cracking jokes about Cedar Fair buying MA new park benches as it's new attraction.
  16. Don't know how. And if Cedar Point completely rebuilds Magnum like Universal did the Hulk who does it with Arrow gone? And how would it really even be Magnum anymore?
  17. I don't see Cedar Fair ever getting rid of Magnum until they absolutely have too. I mean it'll always be historic for being the first ever 200 ft coaster, and many will say it started the modern era of " Coaster Wars" and companies trying to one up each other with record breakers. I don't either, and Michigan's Adventure seems to be about the end of the line as far as Cedar Fair is concerned. And when I said "not too distant future" I was thinking at least 6 to 12 years down the road. When I went to CP last year lines for Magnum were often only 5 minutes according to the app, and it's only going to run rougher as time goes by. Like I said, maybe it's too crazy of an idea, but if CP is continually sending out half empty Magnum trains they're going to have to do something and I can't see them scrapping it https://twitter.com/kevinjoy5/status/839144694265294848
  18. I recently went down to Florida to visit my elderly parents. We went to Busch Gardens and Sea World together, but at each park I spent the better part of the day by myself going on roller coasters and the Falcon's Fury drop tower. My dad did go on Kumba once with me and went on Mako, too, though he did that solo. Too bad. I would have enjoyed riding it with Pops. (Rode it 13 times on my own, though.) I also stopped into both Fun Spots entirely on my own, though I didn't stay at either long. Wish I would have got an all day pass at thd Orlando location, though, even though I got there in the evening. White Lightning was a walk-on and I could've rode that all night.
  19. Since people are posting about souvenirs here's a great Cedar Point souvenir from this awesome gift shop called the abandoned building next door. (I live in Detroit.) I've included before and after shots for you. I especially like that it has the old log flume they removed to build Raptor.
  20. I'm a huge fan of Rougarou at Cedar Point. I don't know that EVERYBODY hates it, but it sure seems like a lot of people do and when I went last summer lines were minimal. I always wanted to like it as Mantis but the whole nutsack smashing stand-up aspect ruined it for me. Now that that's gone I find the ride to be a blast. A lot of people complain it's a headbanger, but I just hold my head ever so slightly forward from the headrest and I have no problems. I love getting in lots of rides on Roug and the also massively fun without much of a wait Gemini to help make up for all the time I'll spend waiting for more popular coasters.
  21. I already posted this in the crazy ideas/rumors thread, but I don't think it's inconceivable for Cedar Fair to move Magnum XL 200 from Cedar Point to Michigan's Adventure in the not too distant future. A lot of people complain it's too rough and I could see it being replaced by a nice new top of the line B and M hyper at their premier park. But Magnum has tremendous historical value so it seems unlikely to hit the scrap heap. For MA it would be quite the score. Is this idea too far out there?
  22. Cedar Point ships Magnum off to Michigan's Adventure to build a nice, smooth top of the line B and M hyper.
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