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  1. I'm also curious about the intamin inverts. The discussion is around problems with Possessed at Dorney so maybe a quick internet search will clear that up. As for Maverick's restraints, my thighs were always pushed down (and I'm not a large person) so that I never got "airtime" in the strict sense. The new soft shoulder harnesses won't change that part of the restraint. The sensation of popping up is fine for me, though, even if I don't actually leave my seat. I've yet to ride it with the new restraints but I'm heading up to the park next week Thursday. Hopefully the park is pretty empty; Maverick is my favorite coaster at CP and I hope to get multiple laps on it without FL.
  2. ^ No he's not I don't think they'll have a problem syncing up with three train operation. Someone mentioned before that the lifts are variable speeds. Plus, with the added block before the green lift that side will probably take longer than in the animation. Who knows, maybe they'll even use that block to hold the train until the blue side is ready. However this all goes, I think it's only a matter of time before dueling is deemed "too dangerous." As for the video, that top gun stall is the kind of thing I jack off to
  3. To me they looked impressively close, even though they were not in perfect synchronization. If the ride always runs like it does in the video I'd be happy. Keep in mind the video is the end of the ride. Like Superbatboy said, the green fell behind a bit on the stall. I bet the high five on that run was pretty dang close.
  4. Well, how was Manta at SWSD received? If it turned out well, we could potentially see another from mack. I believe Manta opened at about the perfect time to be lost in all the Blackfish crap. I've been to SWSD a couple times and I will personally say it's an awesome ride, but I've never seen it with a huge line. This may also be due to the fact that it has faster operations than any coaster I've ever seen anywhere else (seriously, it's impressive). I think the fact that Seaworld added Manta after installing all three Journey to Atlantis coasters from Mack says something about the park's relationship with the company. That being said, I wouldn't be too surprised or disappointed if we saw B&M track showing up here for Seaworld.
  5. Actually the U.S.A. part was under "Country of Origin" and is on there for shipping purposes (I assume). This would make sense considering "Hot Go Park" (http://rcdb.com/11605.htm) is in China. Interesting development of this story. I suppose I don't live that far from this steel factory place, although tbh I'm not curious enough to swing by just to spy on some coaster track. That green track looks like it's for an inverted coaster, which I hope is not what SWO is getting. I'm still hoping they get a Mack.
  6. Or flying out of someone's pocket from the blue track, maybe slightly more likely
  7. Do you think they'll still make you take your earrings out to ride? That happened to a couple of my friends when we rode it. It's not huge deal but it is a little bit annoying. I always thought it was because of the restraints; I always hit my ears on them.
  8. I think the standup gimmick is something that needs to live on just so people can try it. I definitely don't think you should stand up on all roller coasters but I think it's a fun little experience once in a while. That being said, I was never impressed with Mantis as a standup. I think it was a good decision making it floorless. Riddler's Revenge is a different story, though.
  9. OMG I absolutely love that treble clef shot of the coaster! It's honestly my new favorite picture of any coaster! Nice job on that one
  10. Ugh. That's right. God wants the orcas to be free so they can most likely die because they can't find food for themselves or be accepted by other wild orcas. He would also love it if no kid could see a live orca unless their family traveled to a far away place and paid a bunch of money on the hope that part of an orca could be seen through binoculars. Because, y'know, those sorts of real connections are what really inspire kids to grow up to be marine biologists and take an interest in marine life and preservation. Not SeaWorld. SeaWorld's just a greedy, evil corporation that seeks to enslave animals and forces them to do tricks against their will. Idiots. Odd that you should take a conservative ideal and throw it onto a largely liberal argument. But this is no place for political discussion; I'm pretty sure it's safe to say everyone on TPR would support Seaworld and end the Blackfish discussion there.
  11. It's one of the few rides that will legit give me a headache for the rest of the entire day. I'm really not sure why people rate it so highly. When it first opened, and was smooth, it was outstanding. It was like that again for a short time after it re-opened as X2, but I have not taken what I would consider to be a "non-headache inducing" ride on it in a while. That's really surprising to me. The only rough part for me is the last twist; the rest of the ride runs just fine in about every seat. In your video of Eejanaika you say that ride is worse than X. While it's not any better, I didn't find that ride to be too rough either. IMO they're both excellent rides. Eejanaika is solidly in my top 5.
  12. I just assumed that was a valid estimate for a price range; that statistic is not to be taken as fact. We still don't know who the manufacturer will be or how extensively the ride will be themed.
  13. ^I guess that's true. It just seems like a lot to take on financially. The blue world project alone costs more than most parks spend on new attractions in 4 years. I don't know much about the new CEO, but under new management, could projects like this just kinda fade away?
  14. Haha I figured S&S would be a no-go. I wasn't thinking S&S necessarily in my comment but rather just a launched out-and-back hyper coaster. Intamin or Mack could definitely pull that off, although I'd like to see B&M try. Or maybe we'll see the first all-steel RMC coaster. Or maybe the first all-steel launched RMC coaster. Or maybe the first launched wood coaster (from RMC, of course). Like people have been saying, though, Seaworld isn't exactly in the best position to be pioneers. Still, I'd love to see these coasters somewhere.
  15. I'm impressed by this announcement, although a bit skeptical about what this means for the chain. I'm no blackfish supporter but I still think the Blue World project needs to happen. It's what's best for the animals and it simply looks amazing. Throwing in this $20-$25M project make it look like they're going to pull out of Blue World. This is not to say I won't get excited about a coaster, though. I personally think it will be a B&M Hyper but I'd gladly take anything over 200 feet. For the sake of throwing out something that hasn't been mentioned yet, I think something like Bullet Coater at Happy Valley would be cool.
  16. ^Not to mention the blue world project that's going to cost more than 4x said coaster at each park.
  17. So does Dragster I hate to be the kid in the back seat screaming "are we there yet," but how close does it look like we are to an opening?
  18. I rode Green Lantern for the first time the year it opened and loved it. Lots of spinning with some fun forces being pulled. Rode it again and hated it. The ride didn't spin at all and the way my cousin and I were facing made it REALLY uncomfortable. It's all about how the car is balanced. If it's balanced in such a way that it spins, it's a truly excellent ride. If not, good luck having children.
  19. Vortex is my FAVORITE of all the Arrow loopers I've been on.(6) Yea, it does have the usual (see: terrible) Arrow transition but once you learn where to anticipate the ride is a blast! I'm also a fan. It's a very forceful ride. The fact that it's old and you never quite know how smooth of a ride you're going to have make it super intense. I make a point to ride it every time I go, but usually only once
  20. Doesn't mean the line moves any faster, though. The line described probably took 1.5-2 hours.
  21. Doesn't Apocalypse have plenty of airtime? Everyone is saying this is the first good ejector air in SoCal. I'm not a "seasoned rider" by any means, but I get a pretty good airtime fix on SFMM's other woodie. Manta is another good airtime coaster in the area. It doesn't have as many airtime moments, but there are a few good hills. Ghostrider has some nice pops, too, although that ride is pretty rough.
  22. I do find it a little disappointing that SFMM did not squeeze out all the potential a Colossus RMC remake. So much of the old structure went unused; the ride could have taken another whole lap around the structure per side. Yes, it's the longest hybrid roller coaster, but I can't get over the fact that, especially with two lifts, it could have been twice as long. I saw the pov for Wicked Cyclone not long after I saw the one for TC and I was much more impressed by that ride. If TC lived up to its full potential, it would have been like two Wicked Cyclones in one ride, and that would have been super awesome! Stack that on top of the fact that Colossus wasn't exactly a ride that needed to be destroyed and you might see why some people are disappointed. In the spirit of keeping an open mind, though, I do need to emphasize that TC will still be one of the best rides that opens this year. I'm really excited for it and, even though I know it could have been more, there's always the issue of money. I'll take this ride for what it's worth.
  23. Seriously, though. I went to Fuji-Q over the summer. Even though Fujiyama and Dodonpa were running 2 trains their lines moved unbelievably slow. I was lucky to get onto Fujiyama on the last train before they determined it was too rainy. Terrible operations; I'm sure even with a full-on Diamondback-style B&M train Fuji-Q would manage to run it at 400 riders per hour.
  24. Nice update! Twisted Colossus is looking awesome! I really like the new colors on Scream. At first I wasn't sure, but they compliment TC really well. I lol'd at the selfie stick thing. TBH they're actually pretty useful, though. My roommate has one and it's great for taking pictures without having to ask someone to take a one for you.
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