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  1. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary when I was there on Saturday but then again I wasn't really trying to look. It was packed even though it was overcast. I see why they say to avoid Saturdays in July. If they wanna add amything, I think one of those boat rides that they used to have at Dollywood. I think it's a splash battle and it would be a great fit for the waterpark. For the dry park, I'd love to see another couple of classic rides, a gravitron or a whip. I know it's now for a stunt show but what ride do you wanna see there?
  2. What is the rain policy? Anybody been there when it's rainy? Should I wear ponchos? I've been to other parks and it shuts down completely in rain. Last year when I visited, it rained for 30 minutes and it was good to go.
  3. Anybody at the park today and know why Delerium (sp?)was closed? Wes and I wemt about 6-7 hours and when we got there it was not packed. It could've been the fact that they were calling for rain but I liked no long waits for rides that I rode anyway. I got to talking to my cousin and she loves Mystic Timbers as well so next time I go she can ride with me as I don't like riding by myself. We did ride the rapids ride once and that water was so cold and I got freaking drenched but we was headed to water park afterwards so it didn't matter. Out of the flats they have I love the scrambler, windseeker and the swings. Best coasters that I personally like is Banshee, Mystic Timbers and BSC. They have a nice waterpark but I much prefer Splashin' Safari a million times. I do wish they would get a water coaster at least but according to my husband said it would have long waits as well. Food wise, I had a bacon cheeseburger from Festhaus and it wasn't good. The fries are amazing though. Best place to eat is the new bbq place though. The pulled pork is amazing. Don't know if we'll be back next Monday or not. If so, does anybody wanna meet up?
  4. Anybody heading to Kings Island tomorrow? My husband and I have season passes this year and will be there for a few hours at least. Is the 30 minute early entry worth it? It looks to be a nice day for a change in the area and was also wondering if school groups would be there?
  5. Any recommendations on where to stay a couple of nights for Holiday World. We've never stayed in a hotel cause my family lives 2.5 hours away but this time we're planning on being there 2 days in a row. Where's a good place to stay?
  6. Looks like Cedar Point is on my list for next year. Pretty much gonna be a season passholder for all Cedar Fair parks as well.
  7. Any specific questions? I went about 4-5 times last year and had a blast! Ape is right about it being crowded, but I found the mazes didn't have as long of waits as the coasters, all of which are awesome at night! It would be really tough to do everything in one night. I've been to a handful of Halloween events, and I'd put KI Haunt as my favorite after Knott's and Horror Nights, which we all know are industry bests. If you have the chance to go, definitely go! My friends and I have talked about it for the past 2 years and this year we are making sure we go. Got any specific plans of action?
  8. Holiday World has to be my favorite park and I'd been going to it since I was 3. I hadn't been since 2011 so there was a lot of new goodies to ride. Raven was actually my first coaster I ever rode. I love Wildebeest and Mammoth but Wildebeest is way better in my opinion. The whole spinning tube on Mammoth makes it unique. Surprisingly I can get my hubby to ride those but can't get him to ride one of the coasters. Thunderbird was so cool and worth wait it had. Glad you had a great visit and I hope to catch y'all at a park sometime.
  9. Went to Kings Island yesterday and had a blast especially since it wasn't that busy. I figured it'd be crazy but maybe kids were back in school. Longest wait I had was for Mystic Timbers, which I understand with it being new. In line for another ride the people in front of me were complaining about Vortex. I finally rode Banshee yesterday but couldn't get my hubby to ride. I didn't ride Beast as it gave me a headache as well as a beating years ago when I rode it He's never ridden a coaster and I couldn't even get him to ride stunt coaster. If anybody here has a good idea to help him get over his fear, let me know. I have a fear of heights myself, but if I'm strapped in I'm good to go on about anything. Apparently new additions has interested my husband. He kept saying on way home he hopes it's a good flat or waterpark ride. I kind of hope we can get a water coaster but it needs to be good like Holiday World's. Flat ride wise I wonder if they can add a tilt a whirl or something else that can spin. The end of Diamondback on our way back to Mystic Timbers. Eiffel Tower...i've went up this several times within the last 3-4 years so we didn't make a trip up there. Mystic Timbers...fun new ride. I didn't realize how close it was to other rides when on it.of course it had the longest wait being brand new. Poor SOB. I never got to ride it but from what I've read, I didn't miss anything. Hubby wouldn't ride but I finally got a ride as it wasn't that long of a wait.
  10. It is only for season pass holders only apparently. In other words, its not been busy at all. The only longer waits have been Diamondback and Mystic Timbers which was 30 minutes according to the app. I'm not an actual enthusiast but MT was fun. My husband had to ride the old Scooby Doo ride and it had a wait. Whoever said guns were broken were right. Our blasters was junk and didn't work the greatest. Still here and since someone said they had flying eagles we had to find it so in line for it.
  11. It is only for season pass holders only apparently. In other words, its not been busy at all. The only longer waits have been Diamondback and Mystic Timbers which was 30 minutes according to the app. I'm not an actual enthusiast but MT was fun. My husband had to ride the old Scooby Doo ride and it had a wait. Whoever said guns were broken were right. Our blasters was junk and didn't work the greatest. Still here and since someone said they had flying eagles we had to find it so in line for it.
  12. Just wondering about a few things...going to Kings Island on Friday for the day. Instead of getting a souvenir bottle that we have to carry around, I saw on the website that you can get a paper cup that you don't carry for the day...how do you buy that? Also Beast night rides, since the park is open until 10 that night, when is a good time to get in line for a night ride?
  13. Sad thing is I've been to Dollywood 4 times in 5 years...it was part of a family vacation and we had to go watch the shows. We weren't allowed to go off on our own and ride rides at all. My last coaster was Thunderbird at Holiday World. Fun ride especially since it was my first wing coaster I have ever rode but I couldn't convince my husband to ride it.
  14. Yuck...a Saturday is when we planned on going. Maybe I'm better off holding out for that park until I can afford a couple of FL+ pass. Maybe we'll just do Kings Island since we don't have to stay anywhere to go there as we live an hour and a half from it plus the waterpark is included as well. Gives me a chance to ride Mystic Timbers.
  15. While I haven't been to Holiday World on a Saturday in August, we recently went earlier this month and it was so hot and humid that day plus very busy. I hadn't been there when it's been that busy. The water park was packed like sardines since it was so hot. The longest lines was for the water coasters, Raging Rapids and Thunderbird.
  16. Perks of Cedar Point vs Kings Island...I've been to Kings Island quite a few times in the last few years but never to Cedar Point so I'm obviously leaning towards Cedar Point. I'm wanting to take a trip there in 2 weeks...where is a good place to stay that isn't at the park? Where are the best places to buy tickets--Kroger or on Cedar Point's website? Anything worth missing/passing over?
  17. I can't wait to go here in June. Is it a better option to buy an all day wristband? I know we're doing Flying Turns cause that looked just awesome from videos of it on youtube. I've been reading the past few options and learned a lot about it.
  18. Thanks for the advice everybody. I did notice it's similar to Kings Island (which is a 2 hour drive from here).
  19. I didn't really want to go thru almost 400 pages of the forum but my husband and I are planning on going to Reading, PA for a WWE event on Saturday, June 3rd. While we're there we're wanting to visit Dorney Park on Sunday, June 4th. How are crowds on Sunday? Where is a good place to stay in the area for the weekend? What is worth riding? Is anybody going to be in the area on that Sunday as we'd love to meet up with any fellow TPR members? Thanks!
  20. Just wanted to let y'all know I applied for Cedar Point today. I didn't know if it was allowed to be posted in here but if anybody works there feel free to PM me details of what it's like to work there, where I should live, etc. Thanks!
  21. Awww I love Mick Foley and it's even cooler that he visits Holiday World. What's even crazier is that I grew up 45 minutes from him. Even crazier...I just saw his daughter Noelle Friday evening. Anyway, can't wait to bring my friends to this theme park so they can experience how awesome the place is!
  22. I'm looking into getting my husband and I season passes to Kings Island but it would be the platinum passes so we could go to Kings Island and Cedar Point. What other Cedar Fair parks are there and where are they located? I also want to visit Holiday World and KennyWood and maybe Kentucky Kingdom (haven't been since 6 Flags days).
  23. When we were at Kings Island about 3 weeks ago we were walking over towards the white water rapids ride and noticed the netting over the walkway with the various items thrown from Diamondback. They definitely get a collection of items including a tennis shoe lol. I definitely recommend Backlot Stunt Coaster (my hubby isn't a coaster fanatic and he loves it) and Banshee. While I can ride a coaster, I can't do front row seats but I sat in the middle and I was impressed with it. It was a main reason I went to the park as I hadn't rode it yet.
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