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  1. Is anybody going to be at the park during the day on Friday and Saturday of Holiwood Nights? My hubby and I will be visiting with family around then and we're looking to go back (we haven't been since 2011) and I'm looking forward to 2 days of riding fun.
  2. ^I love that Raging Rapids ride actually. I can remember riding it ever since I was a little girl (my cousin and I would have to ride it first thing and then we'd dry off riding Banshee and Raven). It's been a few years but I thight at one time Splashin' Safari was directly behind RR but maybe it's the walkway to Thanksgiving now?? It would be cool if they could have it in Thanksgiving instead and they could say its a Rapids ride to make it feel like you're in the ocean coming to the New World.
  3. Anybody planning on being at the park on June 11&12? My hubby and I are gonna be there those days. I haven't been since summer 2011 so I haven't been able to ride Mammoth and newer rides. Any advice on lines for Mammoth? I remember we waited awhile for Wildebeest that summer but was worth it so I'm thinking Mammoth will be better. It's been great hearing about Thunderbird. Out of both sides which is the better of the two?
  4. Seeing all the positive reviews about Thunderbird is awesome. I won't get to the park until June to ride it so I'm feeling pretty anxious about it. I'm actually curious to see how quickly the line will move as this is gonna be majorly popular this season.
  5. Paula-- Is the barn/station gonna have the look like in the animation? I think a neat thing in the station would be the journal pages on the wall. It's exciting to see the pictures of construction but wish I was closer to buy a season pass as central Ohio is about a 5 hr drive.
  6. I visited Holiday World every year from 1987 to 2011 and it's so awesome to see how much this park has grown! I remember riding The Raven and Legend with my cousin. Since I haven't been lately, I'm excited to ride Mammoth as Wildebeest is my favorite ride in the park! Needless to say, our cousins will be going with us next year with us as they are excited to ride Thunderbird! I've never been on a wing coaster as I went to Dollywood before Wild Eagle was there so I'm pretty thrilled to experience it!
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