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  1. I went through it yesterday afternoon. Pretty solid addition to the Studio Tour, but bear in mind, they are still working on the traffic flow out on the lot, so you may have to wait a few trams before going in- we had a 3 tram backup yesterday afternoon, but our guide did a good job at keeping things fun.


    Also, anybody with a fear of spiders, you might want to close your eyes for this

  2. Paint it shiny gold, put dollar signs all over the place, and market it as "The World's Most Expensive Kiddie Coaster!" - make a big statement about how insurance companies are milking California business dry (and contributing to their failure and/or leaving of the state).


    They could have media day for the ride be a BIG political statement, as well as a great way to make some strong ties with state/local government for Six Flags.

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