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  1. The KROQ event was a lot of fun- We got 19 rides in on Terminator, and 1 spin on Deja Vu.


    I absolutely love Terminator- nonstop speed, great direction changes, and pops of air here and there.


    Once it got dark, the ride REALLY got amazing- you go up the lift in lights, then you drop into nothing- then you swing up and head down and FIRE!!!


    The preshow rooms work, and we spoke to Jay Thomas for a few minutes, and he told us of a few things that they're still working on for preshow 2.


    We rode with enthusiasts, and with general public riders, and everybody seemed to really enjoy the ride- I kept hearing "It's not about big drops, it's just goes fast the whole way, and turns alot". I even heard a girl tell her friends that Terminator reminded her of Space Mountain, because it was smooth and fast.


    Kudos to GCI & SFMM for a WONDERFUL coaster- I'd easily rank it as the best wooden coaster in California (I know, that's not saying a whole lot).


    Get on out and ride it

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