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  1. Absolutely had a blast on Full Throttle - It feels kind of like the bastard kid of Mr. Freeze and Orlando's Mummy. Better in the back - especially the weird sideways hanging bit after the backwards launch. The hangtime in the loop going forward is indescribably cool - you can really feel the train hanging on the upstops, and it feels like you're upside down longer than you'd imagine from just watching.


    I don't miss Log Jammer one bit - I rode it maybe twice in the last ten years. I'll be running to ride Full Throttle every morning I can. It'll be interesting to see at night with the area lights, too.


    Here's a few cellphone pics-


    Hopefully the station gets a cover, soon.


    Backwards Twisty!


    Zoomin' across Superman Plaza


    I really enjoyed this ride a lot more than I thought I would.

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