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  1. My favorite coaster endings?


    Goldrusher at SFMM - especially at night, it just feels so out of control, and then you fly up into the brake run.


    Space Mountain (DLR) - I've always liked the tight, fast turns at the end, but the new "wacky light tunnel of blindness" takes it to another level.


    Magnum XL-200 - Absolutely insane, vicious, knee busting good fun right into the brakes.


    Least favorites?


    California Screamin' (DCA) - Let's do a bland helix (with the most retarded photo spot since Knott's second shot at the Log Ride), and end by SLAMMING to a stop (whoops - maybe there shouldn't have been another train in that brake zone)


    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (DLR) - Even Tony Baxter has admitted that the ending for this ride is all about the aesthetics...

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