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  1. ^The funniest part about that article is just how absurd the whole thing is and how it really doesn't work in this area of the country. 7 people per bus!?!? Millions in deficits!??! Yet they HAVE to do more routes?!?! Oh the amazingness of LA Public Transport.

    The route doing 7 per bus is getting dropped (the Irvine line) - they HAVE to do more routes, because of a court order. Most of the Flyaway business so far has been from the Van Nuys and Union Station routes.

  2. Absolutely a wonderful event, and an outstanding rollercoaster!


    I managed to get 20 rides during ERT, 9 in the morning, 11 at night (including the last train double ride) on the Giant, and I still wanted to ride more- I don't care wood or steel, it's my current favorite coaster, and it'll take a lot to take that away.


    Thanks again, Robb, Elissa, Ryan, Guy, Chad, everybody else I met but my brain is too melted at the moment for making this such a fun event.


    SFoT were great hosts, and I can't wait to go back.

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