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  1. What a great way to end 2015! COASTER is on my bucket list for sure. I havent seen such intense airtime (TPR's video)
  2. Tell what was the last coaster you rode 2015! Mine was the legendary Magnum XL 200! (Not my photo)
  3. Valravn: I know its not here yet, but I would remove the new restraints. I have been on SheiKra and the new restraints are not at all necessary. I fear that it will remove some of the airtime on Valravn and the fact you really cant lean in on the first drop. I also find them a bit uncomfortable from my experience on GateKeeper. If possible, remove the tight vest part like the B&M family coaster. Millennium Force: While its in my top 5, I wish they could remove the large turn after the first airtime hill and replace it with a spaghetti bowl section like Bizzaro. Maverick: She is perfect, my number one
  4. He is saying the idea of a VR coaster seems like a gimmick. We will just have to wait and see tomorrow!
  5. Top Ten I Have Been On 1. Maverick 2. Montu 3.Millennium Force 4. Cheetah Hunt 5 SheiKra/GK left side backseat (cant decide) 6. Top Thrill Dragster 7. Ravine Flyer II 8. Kumba 9. Magnum XL 200 10. Rougarou
  6. Absolutely: Cedar Point Waldameer Conneaut Lake Park IdleWild Kennywood Possibly: Knoebels Kings Island
  7. "This launch is so freakin fast, it feels like a giant semi truck ramming you in behind, holy crap!" and "90 DEGREES!!"
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