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  1. Didn't they initially use Oak Island Creative to set everything up for the Holiday In The Park?
  2. I'm thinking the earlier speculation of the name or theme being Orion or Polaris has something to do with the 10pm announcement time. It's a bit difficult to go star gazing in broad daylight.
  3. Not necessarily true. It's Six Flags. It was almost December before they really started doing anything with Maxx Force at Great America. However, this is also Six Flags St Louis so most likely nothing major.
  4. I'm hearing they will not be allowing the Skip the Line passes and will be posting signage regarding that. However, they don't know how long the restriction will be in effect as it will depend on crowd levels.
  5. I like that rumor. Especially if it includes the addition of something shiny and new. Seems like the shoot the chutes are on their way out.
  6. He says his home park is SFOG. They have a Superman Ultimate Flight there and in my opinion, it is better than the one at Great America. It plays with the terrain better, has a tunnel, just more enjoyable to me anyway. Bull does do a pretty good job of running people through and speaking of running, SUF is typically a coaster people do run for and is toward the front of the park. That's why I would recommend Bull and Goliath since they're towards the back.
  7. I'm going to agree with the above post - Raging Bull and Goliath should be your go to's at rope drop. I haven't tried this yet, but I believe their water park has a special Entrance for Diamond Elite. If you can get into the water park before opening you can bypass most the other crowd as hurricane harbor's entrance inside the park is right by Bull. So a quick jaunt from the DE entrance through the water park, to the dry side...right to the glorious queue for the Bull.
  8. Not trying to beat this dead horse, but the way the BlooLoop story is written, the parks could become WHOLLY owned by Six Flags without the mystery partners. This statement here - "At that time Six Flags will be given the option to “acquire all the interest in the respective lessor that we have not previously acquired.”" pretty much says that.
  9. Maybe this Woodstock throwback fest will even have an authentic smell provided by the vapists smoking weed through their juul's or vape pens.
  10. I'm with you on this. I've said that same thing. Hey, it seems to be working for both though, so....
  11. Some fanboy page on Facebook is claiming that Herschend Entertainment is working a deal to purchase or acquire SFOT and two other Six Flags parks for 5 billion dollars, stating the buyout could be completed as early as 2021. Sounds like a load of garbage. Kinda makes you wonder what if though.
  12. Since we're talking about the enclosure of the Mine Train, can we speculate if they'll ever bring back the spotlight and air horn when it dipped into the tunnel?
  13. I'm with Zach on this. I get what he is saying but everyone always tends to jump on the "did he just say poor people are criminals" wagon. Also "A park with thrill rides is gonna attract more obnoxious teenagers than Disneyland would" is only partially true because a ticket to Disneyland costs twice as much as a season pass to Six Flags does (at $50). Therefore, those teenagers aren't going to spend that money to run amok for a day within the streets of Disney. Instead, they'll spend their fifty bucks on a season pass to act stupid all year long at Six Flags. Anyway....did anyone notice the new version of the Six Flags app has an "order food" button on it for the 2019 season?
  14. To clarify, I did not say this guy was an automatic scumbag because he may or may not have money. However, when you invite everybody to the party, there's a higher chance of morons like this being let in with their asinine behavior. The potential for that behavior is increased commensurate with the fact that entrance to the park was cheap, therefore potential personal loss from acting irresponsibly is minimal.
  15. When you practically GIVE away your season passes and make memberships affordable for everyone, these are the types of idiots you invite into your park. I hope this earned this moron a permanent ban from all of Six Flag's properties and I hope the employee wasn't too badly harmed. http://www.kmov.com/story/38415050/caseyville-man-assaults-daffy-duck-at-six-flags-eureka-police-say
  16. That's what I was thinking, that it might open by 4th of July. Hopefully they haven't decided to just have it be the new attraction for 2019 instead. Does anyone know if they were able to get the tube slide complex operational yet?
  17. The ridiculous part about that is the park opens at 10:30, the line for the water park forms right then. So people are standing in line for an additional hour and a half waiting for entrance to Hurricane Harbor. If you don't get in that line, you might not get into the water park. I think they should let Diamond and Diamond Elite members with reservations for the Diamond Member Beach head straight in once Hurricane Harbor opens. Instead of having to wait in the line. Makes no sense to have to wait if you've got a reservation. That should be accounted for in their capacity headcount.
  18. The media is saying that the Train Engine caught on fire. Isn't the Train Engine more or less a dummy vehicle and the thing is actually driven from the tender?
  19. Didn't they replace the restraints on the Ninja? If that's the case, I don't see it going anywhere any time soon and sadly, I don't think they'll give it the Blue Hawk treatment either. I wouldn't mind keeping Ninja and dumping the Tidal Wave for something new. That part of the park still doesn't really have any draw other than the Eagle.
  20. What a drag it is getting old. I thought they did. Thanks for the response!
  21. Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but did the same trains Boss always had not have seat belts? The trains I rode on Saturday did not have seat belts. The front was enclosed as well. Not open like the trains on AmThunder. I'm pretty sure they were running different trains.
  22. I think Boss 2.0 is enjoyable but the MCBR does take a lot of wind out of the sails. The new turn around is well done. I found that I didn’t even miss the double helix. Am I mistaken, or are the trains different? Are these the trains that used to be underneath Batman?
  23. I thought the same thing at first but when you actually see it, it does look larger than the loops at the other parks. I tried to get a shot of the ride vehicle on the track to put it into perspective but my group was running off to catch another flight on Superman without me so the shot didn't come out the way I wanted it to.
  24. Here's my first ever Mini Trip Report - First noticed the Member Entrance is to the left of the flag poles. It's a dedicated group of metal detectors then opens to the ticket reader/finger scan entrances with half dividers. Whizzer was not running for opening weekend. There is a nice display ad set up near Sky Trek for this year's first Holiday in the Park event. X-Flight was running one train as was American Eagle. Goliath and Raging Bull were running as awesome as ever and using two trains. Superman Ultimate flight was up with two trains and was practically a walk on toward the end of the day Saturday. Mardi Gras Hangover actually does look quite massive. Looks like it would be worth a spin. The crowds weren't bad, lines for rides were manageable even with one train operations. The lines seemed to be all at the food places. Capone's kicked out stragglers that came in after 7pm on Saturday. Big Lou's has a sign pointing to Italian Beef, but I didn't see where it was or it was closed on Saturday and Sunday. My pics aren't the best but here's a few from the trip. Big Lou's Where's The Beef? Firehouse Snacks Hangover Still Hungover
  25. I'll be there! I'm looking forward to it. I don't think I've ever been there by 9am but I have been there at 10am when they opened at 11.
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