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  1. Sounds cool minus the removal of Ninja. That thing is still a people eater and my boys enjoy riding it.
  2. I hope this isn't saying that Camp Killamore will be another version of Voided Vision.
  3. Josh is very smart...I'm sure he has..but he must be very careful of what he says on here...
  4. Or maybe they'll be introducing a new Jalepeno burger at Mooseburger!
  5. I think HWFAN has given us hints even though he's trying to act like he hasn't.
  6. OMG! They're relocating Speedy Gonzales' Truckin' Across America to St. Louis!!!! New for 2016.....Speedy Gonzales' Truckin' Across America REVERSE BLAST!!!!
  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess we are getting an extra ride vehicle! That's cool if so.
  8. Ooooh....what kind of present? Congrats on the move to Human Resources!
  9. As far as where to eat outside the park, if you like Mexican food, El Nopal in Eureka is pretty good. It's about 4 miles down the road (W 5th Street to N Central Ave).
  10. Thanks for the response! I hope they get it figured out. That's one of the neater elements to this ride.
  11. Was at the Park on Sunday for the Discover Exclusive Ride Time event. Finally got to check out JLBFM during the day. I noticed the fire effect was not working on either of my two trips through. HWFAN, can you provide any info on what's going on with that?
  12. Yeah, it was pretty damn scary. I thought he just slipped the first time so I pulled him up real quick before finding out he had fainted. The second time he fainted, the poor guy started making weird noises (he said he was telling me he didn't feel good, but it wasn't coming out right). I was right there with him so I was able to catch him and sit him down gently. Since the forecasted temperatures for Austell was 102 and higher with the heat indexes, we decided not to take any chances so we didn't go back. We'll be at Silver Dollar City at the end of July, so I'm going to make sure he drinks plenty of water and gatorade. I'm hoping to make a return trip to SFOG in September when the temps are a bit cooler. Soooo....my tip for your trip in July would be to make sure you drink plenty of water and gatorade or powerade. While they were tending to my son on the platform of Log Jamboree, there were quite a few calls coming in over the radio of others falling out due to the excessive heat.
  13. I think maybe the Director of Ticketing might work. Here's what happened - my family and I were excited to be visiting the park from St Louis on June the 15th. My fiance's cousin came along with us and paid for a ticket. It was a very hot day so the very first ride we decided to go on was the Log Jamboree. While in line, my 11 year old son suffered heat exhaustion within the first 15 minutes of being in the park and fainted twice (scariest thing I've ever experienced). He was rushed to the first aid building. He was coming off a vacation with his mom (my ex) and apparently was not hydrated sufficiently. We decided not to take any chances with him and decided it be best to get him back to where we were staying. A guest relations person that came to the first aid building promised he'd email comp tickets to my fiance's cousin and she has not received them. I was trying to follow up and see if they could provide those comp tickets they offered. I know usually refunds are not given, but this was an extenuating circumstance and Six Flags personnel offered the comp tickets. I will say that the staff working the Log Jamboree were awesome as was the security personnel that responded. Guest Relations and Security even provided our group a ride to our vehicles through the back which provided a neat view of Dare Devil Dive.
  14. Is there a good time to call or particular number for Guest Relations? The number listed on the web site goes unanswered.
  15. Thanks, rollercoaster rider! Actually, SFGam doesn't have preferred parking but if you get there early enough and come in the back way under the American Eagle, you don't really need it.
  16. I'm coming to visit SFOG from my home park of SFSTL. I was wondering if the park has "preferred parking" which is a parking lot closer to the entrance gate for a small additional fee. Thanks in advance!!!
  17. Yeah, the video is cool, but I think the Eagle is fine just the way it is. Would physics even allow that first inversion after the lift hill?
  18. I wonder if the issues are a programming/software issue or an issue with Oceaneering's ride vehicles.
  19. With the New Justice League: Battle For Metropolis and members of the Justice League roaming the park (Six Flags is auditioning super heroes), now would be a great time to bring back our Batmobile.
  20. Some Six Flags parks still have their Batmobiles. Anyone know what happened to the one that used to be at SFSTL? I know they removed the police car and threw it out in the junk pile/paintball field, but was curious about the Batmobile.
  21. Hi! My Home Park is Six Flags St Louis. I'll be visiting SFOG in 2 weeks. Six Flags St Louis has a special entry gate for Discover Card holders only (it's the Orange Carpet treatment) which allows you to bypass those with daily tickets or passholders without a Discover Card. Does SFOG have one of these entrances? Thanks in Advance!
  22. Yep, it did that when we still had it. Take my advice, blow the damned thing up and build something useful in It's place- like a garden!!! I think a bumper cars would be fantastic in that location. That's funny! Those were my exact thoughts as well. I still get a kick out of the people that believe it is a brand new ride that was just installed a few years ago.
  23. At the park right now. Boomerang is stuck on the second lift hill.
  24. That's what I'd like to know so I can schedule the day off of work! I was hoping maybe HWFAN had some insight he could share.
  25. Any word yet on whether or not there will be a special "preview" event for Gold Pass holders and All Pass Holders?
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