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  1. I wouldn't mind a Troika to replace Highland Fling and I'm sure the St Louis GP would think it was pretty cool. They probably wouldn't even know it was another hand me down. I don't think SFSTL has ever had one. I'd love to see it as a "package" deal though. Of course, I'd much rather see an Endeavour replace the fling instead. It'd be like a modern "upgrade".
  2. By this map, it looks like they've decided to use the Hurricane Harbor special entrance as the new Member's Only entrance. I hope so as it puts you right in line for Raging Bull.
  3. In true Six Flags fashion, they half assed it by leaving the video showing the double helix up. I know there isn’t video of it without but wouldn’t it make sense to remove the video for now?
  4. We have a local water park here that does not do that. Silver Dollar City's White Water does not do the "safety check" and I don't believe the park at Six Flags Great America does it as often. I'm curious if there's some sort of filtration issue and they have to constantly check water PH/Chlorine balance.
  5. Does anyone know why Six Flags St Louis shuts down the wave pool what seems like every 30 minutes for a "safety check"? I don't recall any other wave pool doing this.
  6. Yes, Jim Reid Anderson has a magaical powder that will cure all the operational issues chain wide. But wait! Call now and order a season pass and your home park will receive for the 2018 season a RMC giga aquatrax. Dude, you're wrong. Everybody knows that the RMC Giga Aquatrax is coming in the 2019 season.
  7. Did anyone see that John Duffey has "retired from the company" after 17 months in the position on Tuesday? Jim Reid Anderson is going to step in and reprise the role. I'm curious to see if it remains status quo or we'll see some improvements in park operations.
  8. I agree with Prozach. Although, I think the GP would be just fine with our Ninja getting the refurb, it would literally be putting lipstick on a pig. The Mardi Gras thing is kind of odd, but I'm looking forward to the Hurricanes and Southern Comfort sweet tea. Bring on the cajun booze!
  9. Replaced with what? A Zamperla Discovery maybe? We must have been thinking along the same lines.
  10. I don't see that happening, but if they had to replace Excalibur I wouldn't mind if they "upgraded" it with something like Maxair.
  11. Didn't the Condor move from Six Flags St Louis to Six Flags Great America? I got to ride it for one season when it was in St Louis and have ridden it at Great America once or twice. *Edit* Okay, it looks like the Condor at Great America came from Great Adventure. So that is a good question, where did the Condor from Six Flags St Louis go to? Did the one from St Louis go to Great Adventure and then onto Great America? It would have been in about the same time frame because I believe it was at St Louis in 1987.
  12. While a Disk-O may not be the giga hyper reverse mule-go-round we've been hoping for, I think it is a great addition to the the park. Plus, Six Flags St Louis was the only park in the chain to get one of these for 2017. These things are fun, the GP should enjoy it and as others have said, it is good to see the continued investment into our park. Will it cause people to flock to Six Flags St Louis to ride it? No. Will it entertain the locals that frequent the park? Sure! Great to see HWFAN back!
  13. I know they were doing that for the Demon at Great America but are they changing the VR across all parks?
  14. It is looking more and more worth it to stop messing with Six Flags season passes, save the money and take a few trips to Holiday World instead. Josh's optimism and wisdom on this board is truly missed. Did he retire along with Dave? Speaking of, the park does seem different without him. If we visited the park 10 times during the season, we would see Dave at least 7. Fright Fest is coming up and for some reason Six Flags St Louis can not seem to figure out how to duplicate and offer Six Flags Great America's Season Haunt Pass. My family and I head there now instead of St Louis just for that reason.
  15. In contrast how do you think lines will be there at Great America this Monday and Tuesday? Because that is when I'll be there. Last time I went was pre-Ragjng Bull. Hope to ride before VR screws up the wait time. If you have the Gold Pass, they will let you in 15 min early (entrance on the far right) and I would head straight back to Goliath. I was there a few weeks ago and they let me in at 10:15 and I was on the first Goliath train at 10:20. I got four rides in before 11am, so that's the strategy I would suggest. Raging Bull is tons of fun and one of the better B&M hypers. The day I was there, it was running 3 trains and the crew was hauling on dispatches. It doesn't have seatbelts like Diamondback, so they get the trains out quick. Plus, I hardly felt the trim and we cruised right through the MCBR. This may not be the best place to ask this, but I'm a gold pass holder from SFStL and I'm planning a trip up to great america in August. What is the fingerprint situation there? First, I can't remember even getting my fingerprint taken when we bought the passes last fall. Second, I've never seen SFStl use them. I may have to ask this on their forum... They do have a Gold Pass entrance to the right of the main entrances and they just scan your pass there without requiring the finger scan.
  16. The only modification they need is short cuts. The queue lenghts themselves are fine. Boss still gets lines that overflow its queue and Batman gets pretty close to filling it. That's what I ment. EDIT: shortcuts would be better for when the park isn't very crowded The wife says the same things about those long queues for Batman and Boss. When they were built though, those queues were appropriate for the crowd. At one time, the line for Batman extended past the Batmobile, down the hill and underneath the trestle. If Six Flags St Louis would have had Namtab, that queue probably would have been needed. Shortcuts would be nice though for when the lines/crowds aren't as heavy. If they could reconfigure the go cart track to allow you to drive up to the loading platform for Boss, I'd gladly toss my money at them.
  17. I noticed that too. I remembered there were two trains back in the early days (the green one and what is now the Tommy G Robertson), but totally did not remember the train going the opposite direction as it does today.
  18. Awesome pics, HWFan! I've often wondered what happened to the Batmobile. I figured it just fell into disrepair so it was removed. They still have one at Six Flags Great America. I remember the Demolition Derby's. They had an area set up just past the tidal wave. I actually watched a few of them. I think they had a few motorcycle races there as well. Isn't part of that land to the East what the park was wanting to sell off?
  19. I was curious about this as well. Did they take down all of the Fright Fest decorations or were they still up just not functioning? It was just a normal operating weekend. No Fright Fest attractions or shows were available. The Scare Zones were taken down (Clowns, Trolls). The facade for Slaughterhouse and Blind Fury were still up as were some of the Fright Fest flags. There were still a few decorations such as the headless horseman, the hearse, skeletons in the trees and spiderwebs in the window of JB's Smokehouse. It was a great weekend to be at the park. Parking was completely free so those "preferred parking" spots were filling up quickly. There was a pretty good crowd but a lot of the coasters were walk on. JLBFM line was fairly short (about 60 minutes) and was probably the best ride I've had all season. All the effects were working and no breakdowns during our wait.
  20. I'd like to know more about this! From the Fright Fest guide, it looks like you can go through this haunt after purchasing the wristband and for an extra fee, rent an M4 rifle (I suspect it's either paintball or similar) to shoot the zombies. I'm curious how much the rental is and how much the express wristbands are with pass holder discount.
  21. Does anybody have the price to rent the M4 rifle for the Apocolypse Zombie Experience ? Also, the SFGA site says that passholders get a discount for the express wristband. Does anyone know what the price of that is with the discount? Thanks in advance!
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