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  1. I'm one of the few who prefer the Slaughterhouse. The sets may not be as good as the other houses, but a few of the effects are a lot of fun, there seemed to be more scare actors than the others, and it was a lot longer than the others. When I went to Insanity Alley, it was just my dad and I because the rest of our group was ridiculously slow and way behind us. The scare actors got very close to us and one followed me for pretty much the entire length of the maze. It was a bit creepy but a lot of fun too. Blind Fury is fun and some of the sets are very elaborate, but it was definitely the least creepiest of the three, at least to me. Total Darkness is/was terrible. Hopefully Voided Vision is an improvement. You have a great point. As far as scareactors, Slaughterhouse probably had the most including those in the cornfield. It also has a couple nice sets. The "welcome to the jungle" room (I call it that because of the song that was playing) and the "cage" were cool. The "vortex tunnel" of Blind Fury was cool and really messed with my head no matter how much I tried not to let it.
  2. Of course riding coasters in the dark is a fun part of Fright Fest, but the houses aren't too bad. If I would have to rate the houses of last year, I would say Blind Fury was the best then Insanity Alley followed by the Slaughterhouse and finally, Total Darkness.
  3. I thought so too because I saw them for the Freaks Unleashed, but didn't encounter them once inside the maze. I didn't bother wasting my time by going back through it later on. I did think it was quite clever how they had that incredibly bright light shining in your face throughout the queue line then shined a flashlight into your eyes before they let you in. Nothing like making sure you wouldn't have any natural night vision when you first got in.
  4. Total Darkness was without a doubt the biggest let down. I came out thinking I missed something. There weren't any scareactors that jumped out or messed with us as we made our way through it. In fact, I went and asked two different ops if there was supposed to be Something, Anything to which they politely said, "nope". Here's hoping Voided Vision is better this year.
  5. Here now. Longest I've seen the line for the ride in awhile. Mr Freeze was operating at reduced capacity earlier. Not sure if it still is.
  6. SFSTL is my home park and I love it... Yeah it's not the biggest park with the most rides.. Yeah it doesn't have a signature steel coaster like we all would love to have...It's still a great park and lots of people put lots of hard work into it. You can only do the best with what you have and how much money you have to spend. Have a nice day I'll admit, I used to hate Six Flags St Louis. I'd choose a traveling carnival over Six Flags St Louis any day. Those days are gone. It may not the best Six Flags park in the chain, but there are good people that have been putting lots of hard work into it. Things like the paint job on Batman and the bathrooms in DC Plaza, sealing the asphalt and replacing worn wood here and there are all steps in the right direction. I'm a Six Flags St Louis Fan now and I remain optimistic about it. It's nice to see Dave out talking to the guests and it's good to see the park getting new attractions period. Even if it isn't a world record breaking coaster.
  7. As for "Keyboard" warrior - ooook. I say what's on my mind in person and from behind the keyboard. I often offer an opposing opinion different from "Wow Aqua Twist is the best new attraction EVER!" I don't win any popularity contests for it, but I don't care. I'm cynical and not much different in person. For a living I confront the people who give you a reason to own a firearm and lock your doors at night. I don't get my rocks off by being an "Internet tough guy." There is no such thing. My entire point was that there has already been continuous, repeated, and worn out speculation in the past over these subjects. However, you seemed to have missed that point. Feel free to discuss more ideas that have already been talked to death, please. Let's go ahead and re speculate over subjects that have already been discussed 20 times over in the past few years: Hyper for 2016 RMC for 2015 Mr. Freeze - one side forward launch one side backwards Something to replace the Ninja in 2017 (Maybe a Eurofighter with lap bars only, a launch, and 90 degree lift!?!?) Refurbishment of the Mine Train with themeing to make it JUST like a Disney ride... The addition of a kiddie coaster You can also bring up great new ideas such as: Wouldn't it be awesome to build a roller coaster where the new paintball park is? Great??? Of course it would be f***ing great!! Likely??? Not anytime this year and probably not next. Although Justice League refurbishment bores the ever living crap out of me, at least there is some base to it. It's an actual relevant conversation, as opposed to talking about a coaster type that we may never get in an area that has already been developed with a newer (although YES... worthless) attraction. Could I see it happen in the future? Maybe... but it's pointless to think about until we see some survey marks or ground clearing. We've all THOUGHT about the placement of decent roller coasters all throughout the park, but who the hell cares? Your 2nd post on the forum was nearly as worthless as the kids who come in and say "Does anyone think this park could benefit from having a hyper?" or "I really think this park is going to get something BIIIIIIGGGG in the next couple of years!!!!" Pointless speculation has already been pointlessly over speculated, but let's go ahead and reinvent the wheel one more time, if you please. Who's up for a Eurofighter in place of worthless paintball? Everyone? Good. Let's move on. I'm sure you're just a mall security guard with an inferiority complex, but hey thanks for keeping me safe while I shop at the FootLocker. Your opinion is your opinion and you're entitled to it. It's okay if you keep it to yourself sometimes. This particular page is a DISCUSSION forum. If you need, I will supply a link to the definition of that word. You get your Victoria's Secret panties all in a bunch because someone comes here and wants to have a discussion on speculation. Remember, you are guilty of doing the exact same thing you're whining about. Unless you have something of value to add, skip the post or read past it. Just get over it and move on.
  8. There wasn't any name calling, only fact stating. Perhaps you can read and just have a comprehension problem. Regardless, it is obvious that you are the keyboard warrior. I suppose that if discussion about what ifs or what might be is not allowed, this site is essentially a dead site. You seem to have forgotten you've been known to speculate in the past - Re: Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread by prozach626 ยป Fri Aug 10, 2012 8:04 am With the removal of the bumper cars and tidal wave, I seriously wouldn't be surprised if we got x flight. Just saying. Hey...I wonder if they'll ever repave the parking lot or maybe pull some weeds.
  9. All hail queen prozach! It's obvious you cannot count (this is page 411) and obvious you cannot read. This is a discussion forum which means discussion is welcome. It's too bad you get all butt hurt when others do not subscribe to your theories and ideas. I never said we were getting modern steel anytime soon. I asked if the spot where the paintball is would be a good place for a new coaster. Then stated I DID NOT think we'd see a hyper. Remember kids, reading is fundamental...stay in school! Prozach, how about you be quiet when grown folk are talking?
  10. Sarcasm is so cool!! Seriously, how many people go to Six Flags with the intention of playing Paint Ball? I think a Hyper is a long shot, but why not a Gerstlauer Eurofighter?
  11. Has anyone ever said to themselves, "I can't wait to go to Six Flags and play paintball"? Wouldn't that area over there make a nice spot for a coaster - I don't think a B&M Hyper would fit there, but maybe a Gerstlauer (as in Daredevil Dive or Firechaser Express )????????
  12. Just a thought, as there is only 7 cars, while in Scooby-Doo, there are about 20 boats (at full capacity). Scooby-Doo has not run that many boats in YEARS. I'm thinking they are running 12 boats on Scooby. 4X12 is 48 people. Justice League will have 7 cars that seat 6 people, 7X6=42. That's not too far off of its current capacity.
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