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  1. I doubt we'll ever see Canada's Wonderland take out Flight Deck only to replace it with a B&M invert. While the quality of the ride experience is worlds apart, the general public looks at both rides as basically accomplishing the same thing. It's be a wasted investment for the general public, which is who supports the park's profits most heavily.


    The GP really doesn't think that way. They all know that a smooth, amazing, top 50 ride is better than a rough boring ride. Even if they look the same they will ride it. After that they will realize it is better and be glad.

  2. ^ I doubt that it is the train wearing prematurely, but I decided to throw the idea out there to see what others think. It seems that Cedar Fair likes to trim roller coaster for some reason (Magnum, Mean Streak at CP, Thunderhawk at Dorney, Wild Thing, High Roller at Valleyfair etc.). I still find it hard to believe the chain broke.


    Also, has anyone heard rumors about 2015?


    I wouldn't count Magnum's trims as being Cedar Fair's fault. I'm pretty sure they were added when the up-stop pads were replaced with wheels, making the ride run faster than it should. Thus resulting in the need for trim brakes, I think.

  3. Here's my very, very, unlikely scenario for Cedar Point.(But I guess it Could be possible)


    2015: Cedar Point reclaims Coaster Capital title by adding 4 new coasters (Not counting Pipe Scream) 1) Wonder Mountain's Guardian Style dark ride in the old Pirate ride building. 2) Good time theater is replaced with an S&S 4D Free Spin. 3) Premier Rides launch coaster like Sky Rocket near Shoot the Rapids. 4) New kiddie coaster near the front of the park.

    2016) Mantis gets an upgrade along with surrounding area. Includes new floorless trains and Rougarou re-theme. TTD is also repainted.

    2017) Upgrades to restaurants and Maverick Repaint. At the end of August Mean Streak closes.

    2018) Mean Streak becomes Evil Streak.

    2019) Corkscrew Closes and is replaced by a Chance Hyper-lite.

    2020) Iron Dragon closes and is replaced by a GCI woodie

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