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  1. I still don't understand Magnum. Some people hate it, Some people love t (Like Me). I still don't think its body shape. The First Time I Rode it was insanely painful ( I sat last row and pretty much had the same expression as you) But then there was only one bad ride after that.(Including last row yesterday which was awesome) Also on Maverick did you get front row? Yesterday I used a pass on it and they let me ride it front row.

  2. One of the cars on one of Magnum's trains has been stripped to just the chassis and lap bars-



    Apparently the same car on other trains has been roped off. I have heard from ride ops that the shorter belts this year would be lengthened, but I highly doubt that they would need to strip down the vehicle for this...


    I just rode it yesterday and The Train was still like that but the other Two had all rows opened. The line was over an hour though unfortunately.

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