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  1. Magnum XL-200 (2x): I came in with moderate expectations. On Monday I waited about 20 mins in the rain running 1 train for the "magic seat," row 3. I want to love this ride, but it was just good. Not great. I didn't get any of this famed ejector airtime; none whatsoever on the first airtime hill, and only floater on the next and return bunny hops. You gotta respect this ride for what it is, and I really WANT to love it, but I just didn't think it was all that great. I do enjoy the classic feel of old technology with the track over banked into the turnaround and the oddly shaped bunny hops. Score: 6/10


    Quick question, is it even possible to not get ejector on the return?!?!? it's some of the most intense ejector of any coaster!

  2. I think this webcam thing is being blown way out of proportion. Wouldn't Cedar Point close it down before now if they were going to reopen it for 2015? And RMC already has 2 big projects for next year. I'm not saying they can't do more, but I thought they could only do 2 projects until they get their new plant built.

    And I can't see them teasing a new attraction for 2016 in the summer of 2014 when they haven't even announced what they are building for 2015 yet.


    I think they could get it open by may if they start by the end of the month. Cedar Fair is generally quicker at construction than SF is.

  3. If they have started showing Mean Streak of all rides on their webcam, then I'm convinced that they are RMCing it. It would be a great way for CP to turn a piece of garbage into a masterpiece. Assuming that this happens, I hope that they are able to change the layout a bit to be more creative because based on the POV, Mean Streak looks like a mostly boring ride with very few airtime opportunities. If it happens, it would finally signal the beginning of Cedar Fair's adventure into the world of RMC. I'm making my first ever trip to CP next year, so this would be perfect timing. I could be wrong, but if does happen, I'll be very happy.


    If it did get Iron Horsed there will be plenty of opportunities for airtime. It's basically clone of Texas Giant which now has a ton of airtime now. I still doubt it will happen though

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