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  1. I think that CF will eventually build an RMC, they have to have noticed that everyone of their rides have been some of the best in the world. They will probably start by have RMC putting topper track on Ghost Rider at Knotts first though. Also has anyone noticed that Mantis has been on the live web cam for the past 4-5 days? It's probably just to annoy us and start speculation but Maybe it is an actual hint to the Rougarou rumors.

  2. I was thinking about next year and I think I came up with a plan that could very well happen.


    1) Maxair gets Lebron James re-branding. I think that makes the most since of all the rides.


    2) Mantis gets new trains and re-theme to Rougarou.


    3) Mean streak gets Iron horsed. This is probably the least likely but I think it could happen. I know that they haven't opened an RMC yet but since CP plans their rides ahead 5-ish years they would have waited till NTG was finished than decide on Mean Streak. Also since they haven't started construction I think that they are waiting for Halloweekends to end because of that maze near that is pretty big. They also could keep construction going with out interrupting anything because its so out of the way.

  3. ^^ Still, that is a very small sample size. Realistically over their lifespans Intamin's are probably operating 85-90% of the time where B&M's may be around 95%.


    Intamin certainly does not build "unreliable" coasters. I think it's funny how everyone immediately points to TTD, a notoriously finicky record breaking machine, instead of Millennium Force, when trying to disprove this point. As if something that can be said of TTD is representative of all Intamin coasters.


    The problem (or maybe risk is a better word) I think Cedar Fair sees when they consider Intamin is that their 2 most recent custom designs for CF have had to be reprofiled (I305 & Maverick), and maybe this puts a ding in their credibility. Especially when you measure this up against B&M's record with the chain, who have built around 10 coasters for them in the past decade that all opened and operated as they were expected to, and are people-eaters capacity wise.


    While Intamin's open to much more enthusiast acclaim, that essentially doesn't get the parks any greater of a return on their investment. As a potential customer base we are much harder to please than the GP and I'd also guess that we generate significantly less money for them (the majority of us I'm sure already being pass holders to our home parks, if not CF Platinum pass holders). If nothing else, we will be there anyway. Case in point: Leviathan.


    So from a business-oriented perspective, why would CF go with Intamin over B&M?



    Personally glad that this will be a B&M by the way. It would be nice to make a trip to the Southeast and get to ride what is widely considered the best Intamin Giga and then what will likely be the best B&M Giga.


    From what I've seen Intamins will generally be more popular with the GP after a few years. For Example El Toro has more people riding it than Batman.

  4. These are all of the elements of the new Carowinds coaster, once again from reliable sources :


    Leave station, pass transfer/storage area


    First drop and overbank occur in the bus parking

    Low speed curve to the left over to the main entrance axis

    Overbank hill / speed turn to the right at the current drop off area (going over the new main entrance axis)

    Overbank hill / speed hill turn to the left (going over the new secondary axis)

    Climb up into overbanked turnaround at the corner of the current handicapped parking area

    Drop out of turnaround and into a tunnel under the new secondary axis

    Overbanked hill / speed turn to the left (exiting this element over the new main entrance area)

    Big airtime hill (exiting in the current bus parking area / bottom of the first overbank)

    360 degree helix (180 degrees up and 180 degrees down)

    Airtime hill over first drop

    Banked turn to the left

    Airtime hill under lift

    Banked turn to the right

    Hop up into brake run

    Turn into station


    I've been thinking, If B&M adds more off a snap to these elements and ejector to the Airhills this could definetly be a top 10 coaster. If not than it will probably be top 50.

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