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  1. I can literally recite the old voyage spiel by heart. It's sad. But after hearing it 12 hours a day everyday for months, it imprints in your brain.
  2. I'm just gonna say it. El Toro is over-rated, although I love the ride, and it is truly one of the best wooden coasters in the world, it's not the best. Boulder Dash?! Again!? It's a great ride, but it sure as hell doesn't beat out El Toro AND The Voyage.
  3. I knew the track would be either orange or yellow, after seeing the earlier Clermont photos. Guess that's something I got right.
  4. ^There was many photos of Thunderbirds track taken at Clermont before the announcement. As soon as I saw the orange track, I immediately knew, it's Holiday World.
  5. If Holiday World could get Skillet or Red to play Rock The World, do you know how many tickets they would sell?
  6. Walter and Claude are geniuses though. I don't care what anyone says.
  7. Nevermind it just says B&M. Was wondering if someone like Werner Stengel was involved.
  8. Is it just me, or does the transfer track look like it has too much space between the other section, or if it's just parked fatter and it's an illusion?
  9. Best. Holiblog. Ever. Period. http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2014/08/31/birds-eye-view/
  10. I made this to let you guys see it and actually think about it. The Orange would be the current walk to Thunderbird, and Blue would be walking through the tunnel to get to Thunderbird. Now Unless they dig under the pathway and create a ramp leading out of the tunnel towards Hyena falls, I highly, highly, doubt they would use the tunnel. It doesn't make any sense other than to demolish the tunnel and build a walkway.
  11. The only way to get to the tunnel is to walk left past the SS Thanksgiving entrance, then down tunnel, the tunnel leads out to Plunge station. Thunderbird is already a good distance away, I don't think they want people making that much of an effort to ride it.
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