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  1. I can literally recite the old voyage spiel by heart. It's sad. But after hearing it 12 hours a day everyday for months, it imprints in your brain.
  2. I'm just gonna say it. El Toro is over-rated, although I love the ride, and it is truly one of the best wooden coasters in the world, it's not the best. Boulder Dash?! Again!? It's a great ride, but it sure as hell doesn't beat out El Toro AND The Voyage.
  3. I knew the track would be either orange or yellow, after seeing the earlier Clermont photos. Guess that's something I got right.
  4. ^There was many photos of Thunderbirds track taken at Clermont before the announcement. As soon as I saw the orange track, I immediately knew, it's Holiday World.
  5. If Holiday World could get Skillet or Red to play Rock The World, do you know how many tickets they would sell?
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