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  1. How tall are you? I'm 6'5" and they put a lot of pressure on my shoulder blades, especially as they tighten over the course of the ride. Also, and this is totally just a personal problem, but I find the thigh/lap portion of the restraint uncomfortable as well. Too many squats lead to big boy thighs being squished.
  2. If you're going alone, bring some earbuds and listen to some podcasts while waiting in line. Hell, if you have big enough (zipper) pockets, bring a small book or kindle to read. I go to my local park to chill all the time.
  3. I was at the Winter Warm Up event and during the construction tour, park president Dale Kaetzel said not to expect any significant changes from the announcement render like extra elements or such. If I'm recalling what he said correctly, the additional length is from more minute layout adjustments by RMC as the project was being fabricated.
  4. Has anyone seen any pictures from the Sandcastles Suite site? Has there been any demolition yet?
  5. Much more likely to pressure wash the structure to strip what remains of the white paint for Twisted Cyclone. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  6. Wife and I just got back from the park and all I can say is WOW! Fantastic evening for night rides. Park was an absolute ghost town with absolutely no waits on any rides. Employees were friendly and ops weren't bad. Weather was perfect as well. Could not ask for a better experience. By the way, saw some signs of life on the conversion process for Cyclone. The track was gone from the 2nd turnaround. Looking forward to seeing it transform through to Holiday in the Park. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  7. So the park has some odd hours tonight (6-midnight). My wife and I were looking to do some night rides from 8 to close but does anyone know why the park is open to midnight? Should I expect significant crowds?
  8. I am salty that they removed the hot tub adjacent to the swim up bar. I had time alone to kill the day before Coastermania and thought lounging with a drink would be nice but sitting in a very cold pool with a colder beer is worse than marathoning an SLC.
  9. 6/2 is Coastermania!.. I expect it to be packed, but no idea how the "special" stuff for Coastermania! attendees works. . . (do they close off certain rides to the GP for ERT for Coastermania! attendees?) Most of the ERT is before/after operating hours. I think the only exceptions are during Passholder/Resort Guest early entry although even that seems to not be the case this year. You should be fine.
  10. If there is a drop of rain, Superman will be closed for the rest of the day. YOLOcoaster closes during rain but will reopen once the rain stops. Lex Luther Drop of Doom is also currently closed for scheduled maintenance. Other than that, all attractions (outside of Roaring Rapids and Tidal Wave) should be operating. If it's windy, X2 will be closed. Thanks a ton guys. My "bucket list" coasters are Tatsu, X2, and Twisted Colossus so knowing that they have a decent chance of all being open makes me happy. I've done Zumanjaro enough to be A-ok with missing out on Luthor.
  11. The wife and I are making it to the park on Monday, the 26th. Are there any coasters we should expect to be closed? Also, forecast is calling for showers. I know not to plan for rain this far in advance but just in case, what is the rain policy for the park/individual coasters? Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  12. I have Yom Kippur (Wednesday, October 12) off coming up and saw that Great Adventure is open. Anyone have any experience with a visit in the middle of the week in October? I know well enough to avoid Columbus Day weekend at the park but thought this could be a a nice day with relatively light crowds. Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  13. Thank you! Already booked my hotel! Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  14. Hope I'm not repeating any questions but I missed Lightning Rod when I visited Dollywood last month (2 dispatches away from riding before a storm rolled in [CRYING FACE]) but I'm planning on making a return trip this season. I'm pretty limited schedule wise and I'm planning on the first weekend of their holiday event (Nov. 5). Before I commit, I wanted to gauge how likely Lightning Rod will be operating that late in the season. For people who have gone in the cooler months, does Dollywood operate all their coasters? What seems to be their threshold temperature-wise whether they'll be running? Thanks everyone! Sent from my LGLS992 using Tapatalk
  15. ....and that is being generous considering the typical traffic.
  16. The rubber padding on the lapbar is definitely smaller on Joker's Jinx so you should be fine. I'm 6'5" and always have a bear of a time getting Flight of Fear's restraints over my kneesn(enough that I don't even bother anymore with Jinx being 30 mins away from me).
  17. Eagle Fortess. I love those old Arrow suspended coasters and the POVs looked insane.
  18. Cedar Point's Fast Lane Plus is $150 for a single pass this Saturday. So definitely triple digits.
  19. How were you able to use the free Fast Lane Plus for Saturday? When I got mine through Cedar Point it wasn't good on Saturdays. Probably because Kings Dominion's FLP only goes for $75 on Saturday while I heard Cedar Point was charging well into the triple digits for there's on Saturdays so far this fall.
  20. Also made it to the park on Saturday. Got to say, I was happy my girlfriend and I had our free fast lane plusses from our platinum pass renewals as well as splurging for the Fright Lane. The big 3 coasters had some crazy lines (for KD at least). My favorite ride of the night might have been Grizzly though. While it isn't exactly the Beast, it still feels out of control in the darkness and was hauling. My highlights of the Haunt had to be Zombie High School (fun and I loved the PA announcements too) and Cornstalkers (need more outdoor mazes!). I thought No Vacancy was a little weak this year with seemingly fewer actors and the very high crowd throughput they were going for gave fewer opportunities for "personalized" scares. Lockdown was a pleasant surprise at least and significant improvement over haunts there from years past. I also thought the Annex was really cool with fun music and a lively DJ but the barstaff were a little slow and my draft beer was served lukewarm which I rationalized as being less unpleasant on a chilly night.
  21. If it does rain, be sure to get a ride on Dominator either during or immediately after any precipitation. I swear it hauls ass when the tracks are wet. I got serious ejector airtime on the MCBR drop even!
  22. I'm in Raleigh visiting family this weekend and I had some free time to hit up Carowinds early today for the first time this season and boy, did it not disappoint! Fury 325 is an amazing ride. Knocks Intimidator305 out as my favorite giga easily. Such an improvement over Leviathan and surprisingly forceful. An awesome installation by B&M. Also, the park was DEAD today. I got 8 rides on Fury 325 during the morning ERT (thanks to the awesome re-ride policy Carowinds has) and never waited more than 10 minutes after the park opened. By 1 o'clock, it was pretty much a walk on thanks to the tremendous ride ops working (including the grouper who did a very good job filling every row and let me ask for the front a couple times). All in all, even though I left at 2 in the afternoon, I was able to get 15 rides Fury, 1 ride on Vortex (if only to compare to Apocalypse as the worst B&M. Apocalypse still wins.), 3 on Intimidator, and 5 on Afterburn (awesome invert and makes me wish more coasters had trenches). Very good day at the park and I hope I can make it back in October for Scarowinds.
  23. It is a bit further south than some of the other options but have you thought of Hersheypark?
  24. I have to go with the boring post MCBR ("mid-course" is really pushing it though) helix that B&M has put on several of their coasters. The worst offenders that immediately come to mind are Intimidator232 and Gatekeeper. At the very least these helixes (helices?) could have been low to ground to get some speed on them but nope, just a lazy little turnaround that gives you a nice little view of the brake run you're about to hit. I love that corkscrew (at least I do on the other Premier spaghetti bowls, haven't ridden Poltergeist!). Such a perfect finale to that awesome "funnel" I like to call it. You hit it with so much speed and I can never entirely anticipate it even though I have ridden Joker's Jinx easily 100+ times.
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