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  1. I had a great day at Cedar Point Yesterday. Valravn its a great coaster but not one of my top coasters. Riding in the front is defiantly a must do, but the back has more airtime. Rougarou is much better than when it was Mantis. Also got to ride Millennium Force at night, what an experience that was, especially in the back seat. I also got to meet FreeFaller when he was working on Millennium Force. He is very friendly guy, it was awesome meeting him in person. My ride count for the day (fast lane really helped out) Millennium Force X4 Valravn X3 Top Thrill Dragster X2 Maverick X2 Rougarou X2 Gatekeeper X1 Raptor X1 Wicked Twister X1 Gemini X1 red side Magnum X1 Non coasters Windseeker X1
  2. The Loop Coaster at CJ Barrymores. My next something at Cedar Point.
  3. The coaster is now open. Went and did two laps on it tonight, definitely nothing to write home about. Rode once in the front and once in the back. I liked the back for the first drop, and the front for a "smoother" ride. The kids there thought it was the fastest thing ever, I felt a little out of place being one of the older ones there. Here's some local news coverage of the rides opening. http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/loop-roller-coaster-opens-at-cj-barrymores
  4. ^usually in the afternoon, around 3:30 and on to around maybe 7:00.
  5. ^I just saw that as well, I kinda freaked out a little. Also looks like there is still a lot of work to do around the dive loop area. I know they should be able to finish it by next weeks events.
  6. I just did a look back and found a post about the thrid coaster, must have skipped past that. Silly me, well I thought it was worth the update.
  7. Looks like they are starting to put together another coaster! I knew there was going to be two coasters but not a thrid. This one is called Whrilwind and seems to be like the one that spinning figure eight coaster that was on display at IAAPA. Whirlwind construction.
  8. Keep an eye on the webcam tonight, might get an idea for how Valravn will look with the lights on.
  9. ^ It's near the end of the third row of docks form Famous Dave's.
  10. If you check out the web an now there are BOATS in the marina! Edit they left.
  11. The shortest I would have to drive is 20 minutes to ride the new coaster over at CJ Barrymores. If I want to ride some of the best coasters on the planet I would have to drive 2.5 hours to Cedar Point.
  12. Well, Tony Clark must be feeling a little generous. He moved the web cam so we can see some testing of Valravn. TESTING!
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