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  1. Kumba- Made me an entusiast at the tender age of 12. Still my favorite coaster



    Cheetah Hunt


    Dueling Dragons

    Mummy Orlando

    Rip Ride Rockit

    Dania Beach Hurricane- Awesome!

    Gwazi- Great it's opening year

    Raptor, Cedar Point


    Wicked Twister

    Cheetah, Wild Adventures- Underrated. It was recently retracked and kicks all kinds of ass


    I think that's it. I was lucky to grow up in South Florida and to have close family from Toledo.

    Thanks for reading everyone.



  2. New member here.


    First, I want to thank Robb and Alyssa for the awesome site. You guys have entertained me through a lot of deployments. TPR would always be the first site I checked when we had internet access, I will always be greatful for that.


    I'll keep it short. I hope to be able to add some insight to discussions and try hard not to be the "newb".


    The fam and I have season passes to Wild Adventures, I'll try to keep everyone posted on the progress there.


    I can't wait to try out some awesome TPR trips!



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