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  1. ^ I've never ridden La Ronde Goliath. I think it looks pretty good. All the V shaped seated B&M hypers are fun coasters, but I'll take a Goliath or Nitro over them any day. Intimidator at Carowinds feels like I'm sitting on a couch when I'm riding it. The trims on almost every hill probably add to that. Same with Diamondback.

  2. ^Yeah, and another big B&M would have fit nicely in San Antonio.


    You could make the same argument for switching Mako and Cobra's Curse, I want a cool sea turtle themed Mack spinner dang it. Those trains would be adorable, but don't let the cuteness fool you, they spin......


    My wife and I thought the same thing. Having a 9 year old who's not too keen on big coasters really has nothing at SWO to do besides Atlantis, the Shamu coaster, and the shitty penguin ride.


    She loves Cheetah Hunt and she can't wait to ride Cobra's Curse.

  3. I think it would be awesome to ride Valravn with no brakes like in the testing video. That dive off the brake run would be sweet.


    You obviously have not ridden a dive coaster.


    Both dives are great in the back row at normal operating speed.



    Um, I've ridden Griffon and Sheikra. I had one ride on Sheikra where the MCBR didn't grab as hard as it usually does. It was awesome.

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