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  1. I think it's sad that USO might be playing the bully in all of this. I seriously doubt that the sky plex would take away any noticeable business from City Walk or USO. City Walk has the huge convenience factor of resort guest and park goers that have to navigate through its restaurants and shops to get to the parks.


    Maybe I'm oblivious from being an enthusiast but I really want this project to get done. (Because it involves a bad ass Intamin poler coaster.)

  2. I think Mako will have the normal floaty airtime found on most B&M hyper coasters. That's fine with me.


    I'm mostly excited about the first extremely banked hill/turn after the first drop. That thing has to be close to being an inversion.


    For those of you guys who want great airtime on a B&M, ride Fury. The three airtime hills compare to strong Intamin airtime. Fury single handedly changed my opinion about B&M. Hopefully Mako stays that course. I still like Intamin better but B&M may be closing the gap.

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