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  1. ^ Hahaha that's what a lot of us are thinking - How could it be a musical?


    Well, some day you may see it near you on the east coast:


    Plans have been announced to bring the show to the United States, England, South Korea, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands, among other markets.


    Now that I look into this a bit more, holy crap new technology massive puppet that requires 35 folks to move around the stage!


    ...he title role is the largest puppet ever created for the stage, and requires many on-stage and off-stage operators to control him for every show.[5] According to press notes, "A group of 35 on-stage and off-stage puppeteers work to manipulate the large-scale puppet. Several puppeteers are positioned on swinging trapezes and others launch themselves as counterweights off the puppet's shoulders to raise Kong's massive arms as he runs and swipes at planes during the performance"

    Full Review - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Kong_%282013_musical%29

  2. ^ I'm so glad it wasn't painful for you - IMO it took away from the experience a bit while struggling to find comfort with my long legs. Others have voiced similar opinions and reviews that the coaster would be ranked higher if there was a tad more padding there...definitely not complaining here on the SFGAm thread (could do that in the 'rant' thread if necessary). I have high no complaints here to take away from talk about Goliath and have high hopes for the thicker padding!

  3. Anyone here play Baccarat?


    I'm looking for a good tutorial and forum... I've tried many out and am still looking for that advanced strategy stuff.

    Also heard many good things due to the low house advantage, so I've played it a bit and seems all the "Asians" crowd around it with a TON of money and all seem to be following some special strategy and they keep winning!


    --If anyone plays craps, you'll understand my sn...although I have minimized 'hopping' numbers due to the extreme high HA. Playing very conservative until I build my bankroll up again.

  4. Although I try, I just never really enjoy Magnum. I like the first half, but as soon as it hits the pretzel turnaround things go downhill fast...


    I will agree with you about that turnaround...a bit rough and bracing for it helps, but the rest of the ride and great airtime keeps me coming back. The only time I have had a bad ride on Magnum was when the ride op tightened the seatbelt so much and shoved it under the lapbar, that it got stuck between my legs and I could barely walk off the ride after...

  5. ^ Probably got the old crappy tower...I forgot the really nice ones where they wanted like $200+ a night just to stay there! I would just say 'screw it' and pay $35 a night across the street, especially because I wasn't going to be in the room much so why drop all that coin?!


    Ok, I digress...for a special occasion you have to stay at the Venetian. I'm spoiled and only paid $110/night, but it was the room that was amazing, especially the 6ft tub I could lay down in and soak! I flew in on Spirit (never again!) they lost my luggage so the nice receptionist upgraded my room to a nice view on the strip overlooking so many gorgeous people while I waited for my luggage so I could change into something to go out!

  6. ^


    Even better that they are singing dolls to annoy the friend whom hates the ride ...





    Great update, thanks for the share Robb - makes things much better when I have to work all over the holidays and won't get to visit WDW ...good merchandise as well for those that travel during one of the busiest times of the year there. I guess I'll look forward to a visit in 2014 or 2015 and secure some time early so I can get FAR away from work after these major projects are done.

  7. Roller coasters and fireworks have helped out tremendously ... in college, there were quite a lot of reports - when I was out of ideas or had more pages and needed to write a certain length for credit, I found creative ways to talk about them (including my travel to Japan with roller coasters to boot) ... some of the things I said boggle my mind now looking back years ago but I got 4.0's on those ones...

  8. The only ride I can't do is Tatsu. For some reason or another the pretzel loop just completely disorients me. Any tips on where to look or what to do to prevent this?


    I only ride in the back, since I am not a fan of the front few rows having little intensity - in the front is where anyone should sit, if the ride is not enjoyable, disorients you, or makes you feel sick... I enjoy pushing a lot of G's like on "Mission to Mars" any many others...still haven't blacked out like many claim on i305...

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