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  1. I have yet to encounter some in public, as Robb pointed out, but do know the schools now have kids putting together clubs to watch My little pony during the lunch hour or after school instead of the normal thing (sports, video games, drinking, etc). Lots of high school, college and older adult "clubs" that tend to show up from time-to-time can totally make folks uncomfortable and really weird - what happened to the LAN parties and all the amazing times playing Counterstrike and TF2?!


    I still think some Hentai I saw while in Japan was interesting, however I could never say the same thing about all this excessive love for ponies, being an extreme Brony in public with stuffed animals, or going to the extreme of getting into Brony porn.

  2. It's that time of year to count how many people don't know how to drive!



    Makes me sick when my commute is 30-1hr plus longer due to people braking for no apparent reason like going UP a hill!

    Brakes are not there to make YOU feel better about your driving OR to help you stay in your 'comfort zone' - If you are going too fast for your own good, move over to the slow lanes. Be considerate of others and everyone will be safe, simple as that.

  3. ^ Yup... I guess people still look into this a bit too deeply...it was proven certain animals do get depressed when their children are taken away (don't want to list it as my opinion and I cannot find that reference I saw the other day). Perhaps others will also agree or agree to disagree on this specific comment of yours Robb.


    Then, you have others such as the Orca that helped father a number of small calves in Orlando at one point in time, according to SeaWorld's chief of animal training Chuck Tompkins. You've got me reading now about all this 'companionship' amongst the anti's and complaints that certain animals should be released into the wild or reunited with their families...

  4. All these odd/even, new/old days and *trimesters* (should only be referenced for women giving birth!) are all killing me here...I always grew up with a simple 6,7 or 8hr schedule.


    What ever happened to a simple old fashioned schedule? Perhaps you like the special schedules that keep you on your toes?


    The ones I've read in this thread have given my head a spin and I cannot wrap my mind around how folks handle these...

  5. Congrats!


    I proposed in Vegas at the Bellagio Fountains - some romantic song (I believe it was Frank Sinatra?) set the mood but that was all a blur - I just remember time slowing down while I got down on one knee and looked up at her hoping for a huge smile and a "YES!" ...I was 99% certain, but you never know nowadays. I think the traditional proposal is best, but to each his own... perhaps that's your goal after she opens the best gift ever. It was one of the best times of my life, cherish every moment and don't rush anything that day.


    I'm going to write something nice up...


    Have you figured out how to wrap the 'nice letter' or note?


    Multiple boxes and layers of duct tape making her work hard for that 'final gift' ?!


    I wish I knew you and could ask how you got away with 12 yrs before popping the question!


    Good luck, God Bless, and if you have questions about anything you can always PM me even though we haven't met in person...yet.



    Years later... things changed with her hormones, blah blah blah I wont bore you but am thankful for the time shared with her and still cannot think of a better way I could have proposed at that moment. Single Father and still looking for a woman that can fill the void for the rest of my life

  6. etr102 -


    I've had good luck with SFGAd when visiting twice during the week over the past few years - my last time in August I only had time to visit on a Saturday and, as the saying goes, do not go on a Saturday! I'd say those lines were unbearable, very slow operations, and worse than 'long lines' I've experienced at CP...I do live nearby CP as well and am thankful for the short drive.


    I haven't seen the long lines a few folks have mentioned at Hersheypark when visiting a few times - if anything, Fahrenheit you should hit first as that did have a long line all day when i was there last (come back in the evening for it again).


    Knoebels and Kennywood would be my recommendations as well if you are heading out east - I recently did a Great Adventure, Hershey Park, BGW, and KD trip and had very little lines at all 4 parks - the longest wait was the super slow loading Superman flyer at SFGAd.

  7. Oh, and for myself: The Book of Mormon > Avenue Q > Spamalot.

    But that's how awesome they all are!


    I'm sure that I will agree with you 100% once I finally see The Book of Mormon... had to sell my tickets last minute due to a conflict and was pretty bummed.

  8. ^ yeah that's starting to make me upset as it's happening more this year than in the past...what really made me mad recently is that on more than one occasion this week, people have said "Merry Xmas" out loud to me which sounds terrible and they won't say Christmas.

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