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  1. Morimoto was delicious.


    My wife and I finally made it to Orlando together...the last time I made it to Florida the Hulk had just been built so there was a ton more stuff at Universal to check out, but first...I was hungry and Disney Springs called our name.


    My wife thought that Morimoto himself would still be there cooking for everyone...but of course he was elsewhere busy with life. Food was great, lots of new stuff to try and then my wife wanted to see what else was going on in Disney Springs. I couldn't get her out of the Disney Store as she kept trying to tell me we could afford all the princess stuff for her and our girls...finally got her over to TREX and she was fascinated with the theming that we got stuck there to eat more food and battle a long waittime...

  2. I mean, even Millennium Force has a "toaster oven" station, fairly basic trains, and nothing really out on the course


    I normally agree with you but I have to step in here...


    Millennium Force is a highly themed journey back in time to an island filled with dinosaurs. The name makes perfect sense too as they never specified which Millennium they were referring to. Everyone misses the theme because they incorrectly assume they were talking about this Millennium.

    This made me


    My vision of this ride had been infinitely expanded.


    And for those requesting the picture to go with the caption...


  3. *still waiting on the pushback from CP to the FAA about the fact we need approval for building it above 217 feet - of course the public will help...but that delays construction if they drag it to the 120day/3mo review time*


    Now Cedar Point just needs to give RMC keys to Mean Streak and I'm set!


    Or just leave MS alone and build a bad ass NEW coaster. Mean Streak is fine...just rode it a few times without trim the other day (lucky me?)...and saw a 45min wait so while a lot here feel it doesn't get much live, it clearly isn't a bad coaster (cough SOB, HADES360, Hurler cough). How about sit in the front, grab the handle and lean forward with your butt off the seat


    If we just "fix" mean streak, that doesn't ADD to the current record and I'm sure the park would like to add-on:

    ***Most roller coaster track at one amusement park (60,110 feet/11.4 miles)***


    With 2020, we should add not 'renovate' but showcase something special - if it is an Intamin/RMC/flyer/4D fight to the finish, we should have something great to look forward to...

  4. Apparently the FAA said no to the height, Idk what happens now



    FYI - your link is dead. Was a new PDF attached to it?


    Or are you talking about the letter today saying it wasn't approved for 230 FT but if it was 217 feet the FAA would not have an issue?


    Pretty ridiculous response I guess...that 13 feet will cause a "hazard" to air navigation and a reduced height is required or "up to 120 days..." for another survey?


    Well, with MF/TTD nearby there wouldn't be any "obstructions" and aircraft obviously wouldn't fly that low over it...



    EDIT - to those conspiracy theorists....

    **Does this mean we could see a 13 ft underground tunnel?!**


  5. Edit - Forgot I cannot delete my post, so let's add more fluffy stuff.


    Glad to hear another coaster announced at SFGAdv...so many people every time I go there that (perhaps) this ride will finally free up some of the others so I don't have to wait 90-2hrs+ (I am looking at you, you low-capacity, slow Superman flyer!)


    Anyways, Total Mayhem could've been better...from what I saw on some of the 4D options. What! No 2nd lift to add intensity?

  6. To be fair, the lady didn't really imply cedar point was the blame. She created an article with two opposing arguments placing blame.


    And it is yet another thing 'pissing in the wind' that hurts the industry, or at least CP at this time with all the publicity.


    Then you have yet another negative (inaccurate) article to piss off Robb and many others here...you saw his replies to the folks that put even partial blame on CP over the past many pages?

  7. Self Service Beer coming to Cedar Point.




    How is nobody paying attention to this? Screw the roller coaster, this is awesome!


    I was there a few days ago and it was extremely popular, especially the 40z for $20 deal ...


    "Park guests can purchase either a $10 or $20 pre-loaded RFID card, pour Bud Light, Budweiser, and Goose Island IPA at $.50 per ounce"


    Of course folks won't remember how many oz are in a Pint or tall glass at their favorite bar when at CP! Think about how much a 40oz is at the store for Edward 40 hands around Halloween and you may feel sad. Anyways, I swear I saw more than just three beer choices though!

    (or they are attempting to sell a larger variety in the near-future)


    "The station is staffed by two park employees who ... make sure that no guests are being over served and ensure that guests get the perfect pour every time."

  8. ^ There is a Combo Pass right now for CP and KI you could look into on their ticketing page right now (haven't had a chance to compare other deals out there but it looks good for $30ish per park versus other deals or full price at each park)

    And then (of course if you had the money and we're visiting next yr) that's when you can get the platinum pass and have a free park this yr - also you'll reap the benefits of free parking, early entry, food benefits at all parks in the chain...I'll PM you more info if I have time!

  9. Everything at Cedar Point seems to be very well maintained aesthetically except for Raptor. I agree that it needs a paint job, and it really needs work in the station. It's dark (at night) and dated. Also, I think most of all it needs bright, white lights like Gatekeeper has.


    Paint job? Yes

    Work in the station? What are you thinking? ...aside from the numerous large spiders that freak most of the people out I don't see anything wrong

    More lights? Eh...IMO no, especially coming off of a weekend of Raptor at night. Nighttime rides are fantastic because Raptor is cruising in the "dark" and if I wanted to ride a nighttime ride with all the lights, I'll walk over to Gatekeeper.


    I hit up CP this weekend around National Roller Coaster Day and had a blast riding everything (minus a few flats) -What stood out were nighttime rides on Maverick, MF, TTD and Raptor.

  10. So...how long do you guys think Raptor will be shut down?


    It truly sucks for those planning to be there tomorrow, for the upcoming busy weekend, and into next week with what CP has in store...assuming we have to see it closed for a longer period than expected like at SFOG...


    Of course this happens with days before the big announcement. Our world gained another Darwin Award and took us one step closer to "Idiocracy"...

  11. Sure, capacity will be a negative for this ride so we can all agree with that. Even if this isn't a world record breaker or NEW type of coaster, it seems to fit in at BGW and it will definitely attract a ton of folks/GP...so shorter lines for the other rides is a huge plus in my book! I'd like to ride Verbolten many times without crazy lines like the few times that I have had an opportunity to visit this beautiful park.

  12. I had a blast yesterday at the Point! Walk-on Dragster and MF?!?! Longest line was 15 mins @ Maverick since a girl got stuck in the station and maintenance had to come rip the OTSR out...


    I really liked the '2017 teaser' on the new TV's...


    They've started adding big blue footers over by Gemini. Looks like it's the SlingShot and should add to the already cool midway alongside pipe scream. I kept thinking about bigger, better things but they wouldn't start building something BIG for 2017 in 2014 ... heh

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