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  1. I called the park today and was told that V2 is currently open. Also, which day would likely be more crowded - 6/14 or 6/22? (The 14th is not quite summer, but it's a Saturday, while the 22nd is early summer, but it's a Sunday.) Thanks.
  2. Here’s a trip report for yesterday. We started off the day at Medusa and because the line was really short, we decided to do it again. Mechanical problems were definitely an issue during our visit. The second ride we went to, V2: Vertical Velocity, wasn’t up-and-running. As we were about to get on Roar, which had the longest wait of the day, it stopped working. We already had our seats fastened for Hammerhead Shark when it too all of a sudden stopped working, so we had to exit the ride. Thankfully, all three of these rides later on were back up-and-running and we were able to ride them. I did the Rock Wall Climbing Challenge for the first time (I think $7 is on the high side) and while I was not able to reach the top, I still was able to get pretty high up. I was really disappointed that Superman: Ultimate Flight wasn’t open, although I knew going in that it wouldn’t be operating. I’m looking forward to the new ride - Tsunami Soaker.
  3. I spoke with a park representative today and she said it would be closed for at least the month of January for maintenance, maybe longer.
  4. I'll go with option two because I find the Twitter feed distracting.
  5. What is the name of the end-of-day nighttime celebration during Holiday in the Park that brings together all their performers and characters to sing and dance through a collection of holiday music?
  6. I wonder why the park isn’t open as many hours this year for Holiday in the Park. In previous years, they opened at 2.
  7. I would pick Southern California. Knott's is an excellent theme park and might just be my all-time favorite. I've never been to Magic Mountain, but have always wanted to go. From what I've read, it's one of the best in the country.
  8. Here’s a trip report for 10/27. It was cool and overcast when my friend and I got there. Undertow wasn’t up-and-running, so we then went to the Giant Dipper. We noticed there were a lot of seagulls on the beach. Cyclone was quite the centrifugal experience, unlike any ride I’ve ever done before. It was very disorienting, but I was still glad I did it. I did terribly on Ghost Blasters (I think it was the first time I’ve done it), but much better the second time. Cave Train had a lot of cool images and I liked that it was a long ride; I think it may have also been the first time I’ve done this ride. When we first got there, we were told Undertow would open a bit later on, but eventually after repeated attempts asking for updates, the answer was it wouldn’t be opening at all that day. What a huge disappointment! The Snickers fudge I had from Marini's was really good, as was the Dole whip pineapple soft serve ice cream. This was the first time I’ve ever had that kind of fudge and that kind of ice cream. I did all of the rides that were open with the exception of the two bumper car attractions, which didn’t appeal to me. In addition to doing Ghost Blasters twice, we did the Giant Dipper twice, Double Shot twice, and WipeOut twice (second time the experience was better because it was in the dark). The weather while nice at times (with some sun) was never as good as I had hoped. I was also disappointed that Cliff Hanger was closed. Overall, the lines moved really smoothly and we had a fun time.
  9. I was considering going with a friend on Saturday. I realize it's the last weekend of Fright Fest, so the crowds are likely going to be higher than average. What I was wondering then is how crowded is it likely going to be and would it be better to just wait until next month and go on a day the park is open for seven hours? I'd want to get done as many of the rides as possible. Thanks.
  10. I took the survey as well and found one of the concepts intriguing, something I would definitely be looking forward to.
  11. Should the park be more crowded this Saturday or Sunday or should it be about the same? (I know Sunday is the cheerleader event and when I went last year it wasn't crowded, but that could have just been a one-time thing.) Thanks.
  12. Here's a trip report for 10/6 - I went with 'rolercstrluvr.' I was able to get in for just $20 because he had a Gold Pass, which was a really good deal. We got the day started a little after 11 with Gold Striker, which had almost no wait. The second time we did it in the afternoon the wait was also minimal. We did all of the rides that were open with the exception of Psycho Mouse. The lines moved very smoothly for the most part; the longest line was probably for Tiki Twirl. We were disappointed that we hardly got wet on Whitewater Falls. The weather was quite nice, especially for this time of year. All together, we had a really good time there.
  13. I wonder why they close Rip Roaring Rapids for Halloween Haunt. I went to the park website and noticed 9/2 was the last day of operation.
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