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  1. Does anyone know what's keeping Harley Quinn from staying fully open? Thanks.
  2. I don't recall them closing this early before on a weekend August day. I know CA Great America is open from 10-10 that same day.
  3. For the best ride experience on RailBlazer, is the front or back preferable? Thanks.
  4. At this point, what are they officially waiting for to open it to the general public? Thanks.
  5. I was at the park today and here is a trip report. Whitewater Falls was closed throughout the time I was there (surprising considering how hot it was), while Patriot was down on two separate occasions before I saw it open early afternoon. Also did the go-karts, which I've rarely done. I was told H.M.B. Endeavor was torn down to make way for the water park expansion. There were people riding RailBlazer in the afternoon. It might have been a media event, as I saw what looked to be non-employees on the ride. I was surprised it wasn't more crowded considering the Red, White & Brews event was taking place.
  6. Does anyone know when the season pass early ride time days are in June? Thanks.
  7. Here is a trip report for Saturday. We did the new ride from last year Typhoon, which is a pendulum swinging, upside down ride, reminiscent of Hammerhead at Discovery Kingdom. It was a lot of fun. Shockwave, another new ride from last year, is a circular spinning disc ride. It was an enjoyable ride that reminded me of Tiki Twirl at Great America. We also did the upcharge redesigned attraction Fright Walk, which was my first time doing it. It's a scary walk-through maze experience that's dark and mysterious - filled with multiple doors you have to choose from, eerie sound effects, and things that pop out taking you by surprise.
  8. Regarding the Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster, what's meant by head-to-head high flybys? Also, what's an Immelmann inversion? Thanks.
  9. I have some terminology questions about RailBlazer. What is a 180-degree stall, a zero-G roll, a dive loop, a breaking wave turn, and a heavily banked turn? Also, what makes the 45-degree climb different from other roller coasters? Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know how long Wonder Woman, Boomerang, and Dare Devil have been down for? Thanks.
  11. Here is a trip report for this past Saturday. Having the Platinum Flash Pass was quite helpful. Tatsu's regular line late morning seemed to be about an hour. X2's regular line early afternoon looked to be over two hours. Meanwhile, Twisted Colossus’ regular line was over an hour a little after 2:30. I rode Lex Luthor, Gold Rusher, and Justice League for the first time. For Lex Luthor, I followed someone's suggestion on TPR of don't look down, don't look up, just look out, straight ahead and it was good advice. I enjoyed the ride and thought it was quite the rush when it was descending, though not quite as nerve-wracking as I had expected. I thought Gold Rusher was just ok. As for Justice League, the look of it impressed me. It was more intense than I expected with the virtual loops it had, along with the twists and turns. SlingShot was an extreme, thrilling rush. It would have been $20/each normally, but since I had a Season Pass, it was $15/each for $30 total for me and who I was with. The food line at Teen Titans Tower Pizza to get lunch was 30 minutes long. Green Lantern was down all day, while Ninja seemed to be down part of the day. There were three rides that experienced delays when we were waiting for them - Twisted Colossus, Viper, and Goliath. After waiting a bit in the Twisted Colossus line with the delay, we left and came back later when it was operating again. We waited in the Viper line near the front for 30 minutes total and never actually got to ride it, even though we actually entered the gate and were getting set to ride. After a modest delay in Goliath’s operation, we were able to ride it. The park definitely seemed to be on the crowded side, which was surprising for this time of year. Lines seemed to be similar (maybe even a bit more) compared to when I went last year for Fright Fest the fourth weekend of September.
  12. Will Lex Luthor not operate if it's at all windy - say 20 mph winds? Thanks.
  13. Why you'd want to bring a taser into an amusement park makes no sense to me. You're there to have fun.
  14. When I called the park today and asked about extending the Gold level upgrade to November, I was told the deadline now is Sun. 11/26. Also, 'VTown661' said he thinks October 31st is a BAFF day for Superman season pass holders with ERT that day. If you have a 2018 Gold Pass, would you be able to use it to get a friend in for free that day? When would the ERT take place and on what rides? Thanks.
  15. When are the bring-a-friend-free days in October and November? For some reason, it won't let me log in to my season pass portal. Thanks.
  16. When you get to the park, are they usually willing to let you switch the date of your Flash Pass that you purchased online to the day you arrived at the park if it's different, as long as the pricing is the same? Thanks.
  17. When I called the park I was told there's a $15 upcharge for X2 with the Platinum Flash Pass. I remember reading here that was no longer the case, though.
  18. Here is a trip report for last Saturday. A little after opening, Gold Striker, Patriot, and Flight Deck all weren't up-and-running. Thankfully, they all opened later on. I thought Patriot (which I rode for the first time) was smoother compared to Vortex and I liked how your legs are dangling now compared to when you were standing before. I still thought the ride would be even better, though. I found Mass Effect (which I also did for the first time) to be a very sensory experience with things coming at you from the screen and the seats moving back-and-forth. It was visually appealing and entertaining. The only ride closed for the entire day was Rip Roaring Rapids. The lines were on the short side.
  19. What would be a tip for someone experiencing Lex Luthor for the first time? Would looking up the whole time and not down be helpful during the ascent, so as to make things somewhat less unnerving? Thanks.
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