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  1. Maybe someone who is at the park could ask one of the ride operators at The Joker or someone in guest services when it is expected to reopen.
  2. As of right now, The Joker, V2, and Voodoo are temporarily closed. https://www.sixflags.com/discoverykingdom/attractions/thrill-rides
  3. Do they let you pick your row for The Joker? Also, I called the park today and said, how crowded do Discover Card days usually get? I was told roughly 500 people go to the event. In regards to that figure, would it seem like that's 500 more people at the park than they'd normally get on a Saturday or Sunday? Thanks.
  4. Were there no Discover Card Day on the 12th, I would definitely be leaning toward Sunday, as they tend to be less crowded. But that second event is what is causing me to be on the fence about the two days. Hopefully some SFDK regulars could help me out.
  5. Will the park likely be more crowded Sat. 6/11 or Sun. 6/12? Both days are Girl Scout days at the park, while Sun. is Discover Card Day. Thanks.
  6. Will the park likely be more crowded Sat. 6/11 or Sun. 6/12? Both days are Girl Scout days at the park, while Sun. is Discover Card Day. Also, I called the park and asked when V2 was set to re-open. I was told they don't have a scheduled date yet, but they're thinking mid-June.
  7. Here is a trip report for yesterday. Giant Dipper was running just one train. I did the rock wall (hard level) and got to the top. This is the first time I’ve gotten to the top on the hard level. Since we rode Undertow within the first 40 minutes of operation, we didn’t have to pay for a l- o- c- k- e- r. We did some boogie boarding and I found the water to be quite cold. I got thoroughly wiped out one time. I started to get some cramps again after going in the water, but thankfully they weren’t as bad this time. All the rides were open and was able to do most of the ones I wanted to do. The tunnel is back for Cave Train. Also, there’s a new fog effect in the ice caverns for the ride as well. Overall, it was really nice weather wise.
  8. With the Platinum Pass, it says it's $125/person. If there are two people in your party and you ordered online, would you have to pay $250 or would it be ok to just pay $125? (I don't know how closely they monitor these devices once you’re at the park.) Also, are you able to arrive at The Flash Pass entrance before it’s your time to ride? Thanks.
  9. Will the park likely be crowded Sun. 6/12? (6/11 and 6/12 are Girl Scout days at the park.)
  10. Does anyone know how long the $76.99 season pass sale will be going on for? Thanks.
  11. As opposed to line cutting as I am, I think I would rather not say anything than risk getting injured. What took place is appalling.
  12. All amusement parks are pricey. As for them not having any new rides, they don’t debut something new every year. Undertow, which I really like, opened just two years ago.
  13. Here is a trip report for today. When my friend and I got there, the ticket window was operating really slowly. Undertow now has a policy that doesn't allow loose articles on the ride platform, meaning a l- o- c- k- e- r must be purchased to store them if you want to ride. However, these l- o- c- k- e- r -s can only be purchased by credit card. I did the rock wall (medium level) and got to the top. This is the first time I’ve gotten to the top on the medium level. I went in the water, which was cold, and did some body surfing. Afterward, I got some bad cramps. I had the tater twists for the first time and liked them. The lines for the rides weren’t long with the exception of Haunted Castle, which we didn’t do. I was disappointed that WipeOut was closed. Giant Dipper was running just one train. The weather was really nice for this time of year.
  14. Last year, when I contacted the administrator of isitpacked.com, he recommending going on X2, Tatsu, Full Throttle, Goliath, and Superman in that order based on popularity. So, if I were to do Twisted Colossus after that based on current wait time, should that be an effective plan?
  15. Regarding the link, only the zero g barrel roll is there. Also, the link only lists roller coasters that have those elements, but doesn't actually define them.
  16. I'm probably not as well-versed as the average TPR user when it comes to coaster terms. So, in regards to The Joker, what is a step-up-under-flip inverted roll, a 180 degree stall, a breaking wave turn, and a zero g barrel roll? Thanks.
  17. They worked really well when I first tried them at Discovery Kingdom, but most recently at Great America, I was disappointed in the effectiveness.
  18. Here is a trip report for yesterday. We started off on Gold Striker, which had a fairly long line. (We didn't get there right when the park opened.) My friend had never gone on it before. I paid $5 to use the dryer for the both of us after we rode Rip Roaring Rapids because we both got really wet. (I don't think I've ever gotten this wet before on this particular ride.) For the second time, I got really bad cramps after doing the wave pool. As we were about to do H.M.B. Endeavor, it stopped working. I really like that the park plays oldies rock music. On the whole, the lines moved well, with the big exception being Tasmanian Typhoon in Boomerang Bay. It didn’t exactly have a long line, but it was getting people on the ride that seemed so slow. Overall, we had a really good time.
  19. How effective should Dramamine All Day Less Drowsy be on the really intense rides at Magic Mountain, such as Goliath and Tatsu?
  20. I recently had a blood test and fainted (even though I looked away when they were doing it) and was wondering if this would be any cause for concern for a really intense ride like Goliath or Tatsu. (I’ve never been to Magic Mountain and have always wanted to go.) Thanks.
  21. With Twisted Colossus attracting very large crowds, would it be advisable to run to this ride first off? Thanks.
  22. Which day should be more crowded – Sun. 8/16 (National Roller Coaster Day) or Sat. 8/15 (season pass early entry day)? Thanks.
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