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  1. If you want to renew your Gold Pass and get the best deal, can you do it and activate it online during the annual Flash Sale? If yes, will you be able to still hold on to your current Gold Pass next year with the changes made? Also, if you're the only one in your party with a Gold Pass and waiting in the Gold Pass early entrance line, will everyone else with you still be allowed in early? (Last year, it wasn't a problem for me; I was just checking to see if that's typical.) Thanks.
  2. I'll try to answer these for you: 1) There is a separate line for people who've purchased the FP online, so the wait should be minimal to pick it up (5-10 minutes). I've noticed this summer that there have been FP reps in the entrance plaza, so you may be able to pick it up before the park opens. 2) The FP center opens with the park and stays open after park closing time. 3) You don't have to make reservations for a specific time, but you still have to reserve each ride. With the Platinum FP, the ride reservation is typically available right away or within 5-10 minutes. The thing to do is make your next ride reservation as soon as you get scanned in for your current ride. 4) There is no longer an upcharge for X2 on the Platinum FP, you get a one-time reservation now. It's still an upcharge on Gold. 4b) X2 is generally open with the park, but it's easy to tell if it's not. If a ride goes down, you can cancel your reservation for that ride and pick something else, then reserve that ride again later when it opens back up. 5) There are no seating restrictions for the FP, so yes you can sit in the front rows if you want. 6) Each person can have their own FP device, but you would have to pay for each one separately. If you're going to stay together the whole day, it's easier to just have one device for the whole group. 7) Single reservation means you only get one reservation on the FP and once you use it, it's gone. For example, you get a single reservation for Fu11 Throttle and if you want to ride it again, you would have to wait in the normal line. For rides like Tatsu and Goliath, you can reserve them as much as you want as there are no limits on those rides. It kinda pisses me off how many restrictions that SFMM has on their FPs. I understand limiting reservations on new rides like Justice League or terrible capacity rides like Superman, but there's no reason to limit reservations on rides like FT, TC, or X2. When I got FL Plus at CP, there were no limits on how many times I could ride Maverick, Valravn, TTD, MF, etc. 4b) Prior to making your ride reservation will you know if a ride is down? 7) Is single ride (Superman) the same as single reservation? Thanks.
  3. I have some questions about the flash pass. [1] If you purchase the flash pass in advance online, how long do you typically have to wait to pick it up once you get to the park? [2] When does the flash pass center open? [3] If you get the platinum level, do you still have to make a time reservation for the rides you want to do? [4] Is the $15 upcharge worth it on X2? [4a] If not, should you run to it first? [4b] Is X2 usually up-and-running right from the get go? [5] If you wanted to sit in the front for Tatsu and Goliath (for example), would they let you? [6] For a group of three of four, can each person have their own flash pass device? [7] Lastly, what does single reservation mean? Thanks a lot.
  4. Does the maintenance for X2 usually take place at the same time every year? If so, when is it and how long does it typically last? Thanks.
  5. Here is a trip report for yesterday – Father’s Day. When we got to The Joker after the rope drop, it wasn’t running, so we went to Superman. Afterwards, we did The Joker, which surprisingly had a minimal wait - sat in the very back row. When we went to ride Wonder Woman, it started experiencing technical difficulties with the restraints after we had actually gone on it. So, we had to exit. Hammerhead wasn’t operating at all. White Water Safari was down when we wanted to ride it. When we came back a second time, we started waiting in line for it and then were told it was experiencing an extended delay, so we all had to exit. Boomerang was down due to technical difficulties, while Tazmanian Devil also wasn’t working. When I was finally able to ride Wonder Woman, it was quite the rush. I really liked how high we went and the back-and-forth swinging. Overall, I thought it was an excellent ride. When we first tried to ride The Penguin, it wasn’t operating. Thankfully, later on it was working. The lines moved really smoothly, more so than I’ve ever experienced. On the flip side, there were more rides that were closed/experiencing technical difficulties than ever before.
  6. I've ridden The Joker (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) and Twisted Colossus (Six Flags Magic Mountain).
  7. Is X2 considered a 4D or 5D coaster – I’ve been curious about this? Also, does X2 typically have its scheduled maintenance at the same time every year? Thanks.
  8. Here is a trip report for Saturday - this was my first ever visit to the park. Started off at Füll Throttle (which I thought highly of - with its loops and speed) and had very little wait. Then went to X2, where the ride was experiencing technical difficulties, so left. Tatsu was pretty much a station wait late morning, which was really nice. I thankfully didn't grey out on Tatsu's pretzel loop. The ride itself was amazing. The line for X2 was about two hours the second go around, including technical difficulties again. X2 was also fantastic - sat in the inside. Scream was a station wait; it was smooth and a lot of fun. Twisted Colossus was about a 45 minute wait. I really liked all the airtime on it and thought it was slightly better than The Joker at SFDK. Unfortunately, there was no dueling when I rode. A ride operator said Batman was down when first got to it, so left. When I went on it at 7 something, the line went past the switchbacks and turned out to be a longer line than Twisted Colossus. As for the ride, I found it similar to Flight Deck at California's Great America, both of which I'd say are excellent rides. Goliath also experienced a delay when I was in line for it, but thankfully the issue got fixed. I was really apprehensive about doing it, especially with the part that goes through the tunnel and the helix. I thought I might grey out on it, and I'm really glad I didn't. The 255-foot drop was incredible and the ride seemed to move fast. When I went to wait in line for Green Lantern, they said the ride was experiencing an extended delay. After a while, decided to leave the line. When I went to do Superman after 9, Armitron said the wait time was 90 minutes and as I was waiting in line, they said they were experiencing a delay, so decided to skip it. Here is a trip report for Sunday. Started off with The New Revolution. I didn't use the VR and really liked the ride. I then went to Superman, which had little wait, and was quite the rush. I just wish the ride was longer. Green Lantern was just a little longer than a station wait late morning. It was definitely a unique ride experience, but I found it way too rough. (I was seated on the outside.) I don't think I'd give it a thumbs up. Apocalypse was a station wait early on. I liked it, thought it moved fast, but also found it too rough, even with the re-tracking. Ninja was also just a station wait. I only kind of liked it because I felt it didn't pack much of a punch. The Riddler's Revenge was running just one train, so the wait was extended. I thought it packed quite the punch and was more smooth than rough. I rode in the very front. The very front of Viper, which I rode in, had the longest wait of all the seats. I agree with the consensus the ride is definitely too rough, but overall I still liked it and what it had to offer. Lex Luthor wasn't operating when I wanted to do it mid-afternoon and a park worker standing in front of the entrance said no one had ridden it today. On the whole, I was really impressed with the rides that I went on. For a possible future visit, would it likely be more crowded the last weekend of August or the second weekend of Fright Fest? Does X2 typically have its scheduled maintenance at the same time every year?
  9. I was aware of that beforehand and printed it out this morning. It’s just that the numbers for everything are hard to make out this way. What I was seeking is an exact version of the map that they provide at the park, but at some local establishment. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know where you can get a park map, other than at Magic Mountain? I wanted to familiarize myself with the layout and the ride locations before arriving there. I'll be going Saturday and this will be my first time. Also, would any locals, preferably with a Gold Pass, be down to meet up a little before park opening? I'll be in the Gold Pass line probably wearing an orange shirt. Thanks.
  11. I purchased the season pass during the Flash Sale and apparently to get the Gold upgrade you have to process by 10/30. The day you go to process, do you have to pay for parking? (By the way, I'm a first time pass holder of any kind.) Also, is there a special entrance if you have a Gold pass, like with Discover Card? If so, how many minutes usually will they let you into the park before the main gates even open? Thanks.
  12. Here is a trip report for yesterday. Parking is now $25, which is ridiculous. We started off at The Joker. I asked if we could sit in the very back row, but they were doing assigned seating, so we got placed in the 2nd to last row. The ride itself was outstanding, with excellent hang time. Medusa’s line was quite long because at first they were only running one train and then decided to do test runs of both. The hour long wait is the longest I’ve ever had to wait for Medusa. While waiting in line for Monsoon Falls, the ride experienced technical difficulties and stopped working. Thankfully, the issue was fixed and I was able to ride it. I got absolutely drenched on Monsoon Falls and The Penguin (did them back-to-back), so I paid $5 again to use a dryer. Hammerhead wasn’t operating at all due to technical difficulties; the same was the case with Voodoo. Thrilla Gorilla was also down. On the whole, the lines were longer than when I’ve gone on previous summer weekend days. It was a Discover Card/Season Pass ERT event at the park, which may have contributed to the crowds being how they were.
  13. Is it also a buck for Tatsu, F-u-l-l T-h-r-o-t-t-l-e, and Twisted Colossus? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I have some questions I was hoping folks could answer. What would be the most effective way of preventing yourself from graying out or blacking out on Tatsu’s pretzel loop? Are you allowed to bring in a small water bottle into the park? Lastly, for which rides would putting items such as glasses and a wallet in a velcroed or buttoned shorts pocket not be sufficient because they'd fall out? Thanks.
  15. Here's a trip report for yesterday. Gold Striker was running just one train in the morning, which caused the wait to be about an hour-and-a-half, the longest I've ever waited for it. What was good, though, is the ride itself seemed to be going faster than I've ever experienced it. In the afternoon, Vortex also was running just one train, but the wait wasn't that long. When I wanted to do FireFall it was closed; the same thing happened with Drop Tower. Since I forgot to bring a towel for Boomerang Bay, I bought a nicely colored and designed Great America one for almost $20. Didn't do Mass Effect because the line looked too long. They now have a self-service kiosk at the Food Festival food court.
  16. When I called the park earlier today about that, I was told it's up-and-running. That's all the information we can provide to our guests.
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