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  1. Me on goliath two years ago. I'm in the back with my hands up, but i thought all the people in the rows in front of me were the funny part of the picture.
  2. This new update includes an observation tower, a chairswing, a log flume, A family spinning coaster, new restrooms, and a new launched coaster that currently doesn't have a station or any scenery. EDIT: I wasn't happy with the launch coaster so i'm putting in a b&m hyper. Shot0096.bmp Shot0098.bmp Shot0099.bmp Shot0100.bmp Shot0101.bmp Shot0102.bmp Shot0103.bmp Shot0105.bmp Shot0106.bmp Shot0107.bmp Shot0108.bmp
  3. Thanks so much for the feedback! I was going for a lochness sort of thing with the arrow looper, I think it turned out pretty nice.
  4. A new woodie, an enterprise, and a classic red and yellow hot dog stand! Shot0071.bmp Shot0072.bmp Shot0073.bmp Shot0074.bmp Shot0075.bmp Shot0076.bmp Shot0077.bmp Shot0078.bmp Hope you like the update!
  5. Here are some shots of the entrance and the first themed area [Grizzly Territory] Shot0046.bmp Shot0047.bmp Shot0048.bmp Shot0049.bmp Shot0050.bmp Shot0051.bmp Shot0052.bmp Shot0053.bmp Shot0054.bmp Shot0055.bmp Shot0056.bmp Shot0057.bmp Shot0058.bmp Shot0059.bmp Shot0061.bmp Hope you like it so far!
  6. The first part of Main Street i done! Hope you are liking it so far!
  7. Just a shot of the gates. The finished entrance will be in the next update. The admission gates.
  8. Here is a good tip for ncso paths. Sink Down a wall. Place the path. ( before doing this name a guest M Brookes)
  9. Looking great so far, but personally i don't like the in game park entrance gates. Maybe you could use an invisible gate and put a custom exterior.
  10. I just stumbled upon this, and spent the last 2 hours reading through the whole thing. Truly one of the best parks and the best story line I've ever seen!
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