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  1. Nice pics. Haven't been to the park yet this year. Looks like its time to pay CB a visit after a year off from it last year.
  2. It's about 98% the same, but they did make it more compact to fit the new footprint. Specifically, the helix goes under a new support, whereas at opryland all the supports in the helix were on the exterior. You can compare the two helixes from RCDB pics. Anywhere in the RCDB pics where you see the cross-ties transition from the very square 90-degree angles to a more curved angle cross-tie, that is all new track that was needed to make it more compact. Also, the old skid brakes were removed, as were three sets of rotating-tire brakes. The rotating tires were prior to lift #1, prior to lift#2 and on the uphill section going in to the station. There was a third train at Opryland, but it must have been used for parts or sent to another Six Flags. Also, at the top of lift #2 there was a block brake that is no longer there either. You can see how the spine dips down to make room for the hardware, but i rarely saw it used at Opryland. There was more spare train storage on the left which didn't make it to Great Escape either. And the station at GE is set up opposite of Opryland. You boarded the train from the left side of the train (as it exits the station) and the operator was in the back on the unload side. I think it's completely reversed at GE. At first glance it looks exactly the same, but there were some minor changes. Thanks for all that! Yeah, i knew about the structural changes and the brakes, but didn't know about the tires, or the block brake. I just wasn't familiar if it was the same layout or not because of what other people have said. As for the 3rd train, nobody seems to know about it. Thats all we know is that the ride was intended to run with 2 trains at TGE. The ride ran with the blue train for a SHORT amount of time and the blue train was put on the transfer and replaced with the tan train. We think the tan train is a rebuilt version of the blue and red and tan combined after they had train problems. To this day, after the blue train was taken off the circuit, that has never been seen either. Weird. As for the station, you board from the left side (from the way it goes out of the station), and the operator is at the front on the same side as the entrance.
  3. Yes I know there is already an Opryland thread but I want to make sure people see this as I need a quick response. Anyone who rode Rock N' Roller Coaster at Opryland, can you confirm, is the layout at the Great Escape the same as it was at Opryland? I have a debate on another site whether parts of the ride were butchered to make a smaller ride when it came to the Great Escape and park maps and brochures suggest it's the same exact layout but just making sure. Thanks!
  4. The track work they did last season improved the ride much more. I recommend giving it another whirl if you're ever near the area.
  5. ARM towers are like you said, awesome. Morey's has the same exact tower. Forces are incredible.
  6. Completely disagree, but to each his own. Between the new trains and last year's track refurb, its MUCH better.
  7. My nearest SLC recently got new trains made by KumbaK. I also hear the SLC at Morey's Piers got new trains - not sure who made them if anybody could help me out with that... Anyway, the new trains have a lap-bar with the OTSR design being more like a seat-belt over each shoulder. Apparently the ride is far more comfortable and reduces the headbanging. I've been on the new trains at Morey's multiple times. Exactly like you said, its basically a lap bar with a soft padded lightweight seatbelt over your chest. They help A LOT. Makes a much better ride experience. You don't even get much headbanging through the inline twists. Its a great investment.
  8. No....the issue was the train and catch car weren't connecting properly on the reverse trip so there was nothing to stop the train on the way back. During testing, the only thing stopping the train was the emergency brakes on the way up the cobra roll. It did valley once between the loop and second tower, but that wasn't the big issue.
  9. I apologize for the double post in advance- but..... We (myself and a few others) have an exciting announcement coming June 24th regarding Great Escape discussions and everything inbetween! The announcement will be in video form and we hope you will be as excited as we are!
  10. I don't know if anyone caught this, but Huss re-introduced the Condor as Condor 2G this year...It's essentially the exact thing but with improved features and an improved ride design. Now let's see if anyone ever wants to invest in a Huss ride ever again
  11. Screamin' Eagles officially opens tomorrow, 10am! Also I don't know if anyone heard yet, but Canyon Blaster will be run backwards during July for a limited time. A nice twist on a not so nice coaster. Condor is also still running the intense program it ran last year. Believe me when I say intense. The spinning at the top gets crazy.
  12. You know, I was sort of disappointed when they announced this but it looks awesome and I'm really looking forward to riding it. Love the location, the control booth blends in with its surroundings, and overall looks like a great addition. Did anyone happen to notice if they were any "No cable snapping" signs?? Also announced today, Canyon Blaster will run backwards during July! Should make a boring coaster into at least an interesting experience! Looking forward to that too.
  13. Same reason they didn't buy new trains when they moved Iron Wolf to Six Flags America... Maybe they next year new trains will comes as SFNE did with Goliath. Maybe they The park is seeing how Goliath trains work out first. SFNE didn't plan on waiting until the 2nd year for the new train...Goliath was intended to open with the new train but it got delayed so they ran the old train for the 1st season...What does the new trains on Goliath have to do with Boomerang's train anyways? One's inverted and the other one isn't...not the same thing.
  14. Bobsled opens at normal park opening daily. However, it closes at 6pm.
  15. The Great Escape too got rid of it because of its horrible capacity, long waits, etc.. Not sure how they did it at Darien Lake, but at The Great Escape they only put 2 to a car, instead of the 4 it could hold. There aren't rumors that it was removed and scrapped. The coaster is long gone. It was removed around '08. You could just look in the doors on the backside of the building on Desperado Plunge to figure that out.
  16. Compared to larger parks, Morey's Piers is empty pretty much all the time. Nothing should be more than a 20-30 minute wait and that's on the busiest days so you're good. Saying this is the nicest way possible, you have no idea what you're talking about. A LOT of things are more than 30 minutes, crowds get ridiculous during the summer and even to the point where its hard to navigate some of the time. Morey's is a full scale park. I guess you've never been to Morey's during the summer, huh? Morey's is really never 'empty'...The less crowded times are April and early May but it is never in any shape or form empty. If you are going to visit on a weekend during the summer and are looking to get a lot of credits, I recommend going during the day if you do not want to wait like you would at night, but still expect waiting some. Adventure Pier doesn't open until 4 normally so no credits there until 4, but the other 2 piers are open. I love the atmosphere of the piers at night myself, but like I said, it gets ridiculously crowded and you will be waiting for rides.
  17. Great White at Morey's is on its way to a giant overhaul...That thing is painful now.
  18. Knoebels has a serious winner on their hands. These towers are great. Morey's has the 148ft. version also and they really pack a punch-much better than any S&S tower. One of the best things about the Larson ARM towers is the unexpected drop considering you can't see the top of the tower from the carriage.
  19. I just looked through the NYS Ride Safety requirements and didn't see any "newly" added rules/regulations-just the normal ones; annual inspections, sufficient ride exits, etc... The sad thing about the indoor scrambler at Rye is that not only did it happen and kill someone in 2004, but it happened AGAIN and someone got killed AGAIN in 2007. I understand it may have been accidental, but how are the ride ops that stupid? If you take the necessary steps before starting the ride, there will be no problem... Although the 2004 incident was virtually unstoppable because the girl climbed out of her seat mid-ride to kneel on the seat and it all went from there, but the 2007 death was pure negligence. It was weird timing when Chipper's was removed (I believe it was after the 2004 season?) because the death at Rye had just happened, but they also gave Jumbo to GADV so they had a flat pad to fill. Could have been a combo of both to make the decision to move the Scrambler outdoors, or it could be one of the two.
  20. It will most likely keep its winter theme it currently has. The sign in front of the dome with hints last year said "Hint:A Frigid Good Time" I asked the lady at the Great Escape what the name of the ride will be but she didn't know...or at least didn't want to tell me.
  21. Well I can confirm to everyone here at TPR, the scrambler at TGE will be relocated back inside the dome for this season! Along with that, the Bumper Cars have been completely removed from their location in the fest area and will be relocated to Ghost Town.
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