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  1. I gotta give it up for RMC. For the first time in forever, somebody is actually making SCARY looking rides.
  2. My boyfriend thinks the same exact way you do. I am the opposite. I want to be out in the parades and rallies Well at least I make sense I don't know if I could ever see myself going to an event or rally myself (does a Lady Gaga concert count??). But to be fair, I don't even celebrate my own birthday anymore... so maybe I'm just not a celebratory guy
  3. It does make sense. There are funner things to identify yourself with - like coasters Exactly! Even though a love for coasters is almost harder to explain.
  4. G.U.Y. - Lady Gaga (actually watching the new video)
  5. I had an awesome experience a few weeks ago. My friend and I took an impromptu road trip down to the Gulf of Mexico. We had my ipad mounted to the passenger sun visor so he could watch movies on the way with the sound being connected to the stereo. Well, when we were a few hours from getting there, I made him watch my favorite movie of all time, The Shawshank Redemption, because he hasn't seen it before. Needless to say, just as we literally pulled onto the beach, he was watching the ending scene with the credit music flowing loudly from the car speakers. It was a pretty awesome moment if you're familiar with the movie I had a great time visiting it's filming location in Mansfield Ohio back in 2012.
  6. I'm a guy who likes guys. It wasn't a big deal when I came out to my parents because my sexuality is extremely low on my list of identifying factors. I know a lot of people really take pride in their sexuality and I'm all for it, but I feel like I have so much more to offer than characterizing myself on my sexual orientation. I hope that made sense
  7. Mine is me in my bathroom!... I guess I need to get out more
  8. I'm really glad to see new life coming into this area. I always thought it was a little dull. Now they just need to address the big wooden thing at the back of the park...
  9. Looks like my first coaster this year will be The Boss on opening day. I road it opening day back in 2010 and it was running pretty damn good; let's hope for something similar this year.
  10. What airtime hill are you talking about? If you're talking about the turnaround hill where the corkscrew is now, then yeah, they had to lower it to make sure it made it through the element at the right speed. This should also help with the pacing for the final half, since it seemed like that hill on the turn around killed a lot of the ride's momentum due to it being so weirdly high. If you're talking about the one after the turn just before you go back into the tunnel, then yes, I think they're actually going to be making it the 110 degree overbank turn with the way the structure looks. Because this was Gravity Group's first project since they formed the company after CCI closed, I can see a few flaws with the design and replacing probably the biggest with the corkscrew should help a lot out on the 2nd half. Also reading back on the Facebook page on the original announcement, quite hilarious reading some of the GP comments on it. Ahhh yes! I was talking about the second one. I really didn't notice that it was being made into an overbank turn.
  11. I think I like the look of the crowd surfer element... but the one random black support that looks like it was just plopped onto the plaza does look a little tacky. Other than that, still looks like a cool ride.
  12. I'm not quite sure if this has been discussed on here yet or not, but has anyone else thought about the possibilities of The Boss getting the RMC treatment? The ride itself isn't horrible now, but still, with that structure and terrain setting, it's begging for the Iron Horse treatment. I know that so far, this has only been done to coasters with a little more age, but I think it could really be plausible for the park. I can only imagine how awesome RMC could make the double down drop
  13. I'm going to be honest here. I usually don't get very excited when I see a park building a new B&M. Gatekeeper however sure does look like and all. Even if it doesn't ride so well (which I'm sure it will be a great coaster) it still looks amazing. As for my input on the tightening restraint issue. I have never ridden a wing coaster, but I've seen some discussion with the intamin restraints and how they tighten in a similar fashion. The only time I've had an intamin restraint tighten on me was once on Maverick. I've ridden it dozens and dozens of times and it only happened once. Much like what others have said, I only noticed when I was sitting on the break run. Either way, this will be a great addition to Cedar Point's coaster lineup and it will for sure be a hit with the GP. Now, if we could only get them to give Mean Streak the RMC treatment, then CP would be "perfect".
  14. So far it looks good. Am I the only that thinks the airtime hill looks like it has been lowered quite a bit? I hope this calls for some good airtime like that hill had in its opening season. If it were up to me (and probably 99% of the people out there) I would retrack the entire ride just for safe measures. New trains can only do so much to a ride that hasn't been properly cared for since the start. Regardless, Mt. Olympus is putting money into it, which shows that they care to an extent. (Either that, or they wanted a gimmicky way to get more people into the park).... Probably the latter.
  15. I was refreshing Twitter all day waiting for the POV. It looks like I should start planning my first trip to SDC. This ride looks fantastic and the perfect addition for the park. I can't wait to ride it and if it's anything like NTAG, it won't disappoint.
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