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  1. That view of the Rattler lifthill from the path in Crackaxle Canyon is such a welcome sight! Cannot tell you how excited I am for this ride!!
  2. Regardless of who the person is or their reputation (here, on an online forum) - I'm ok with my post, and that the point was valid. I'm wondering if the park plans to add fire or smoke, or other effects to market the ride. People seemed to actually dig that stuff on the Texas Giant. Didn't Rattler have lights installed in the tunnel at one point? Oh man, yes I do believe it had lights in the tunnel. It's been so long since I rode it at night but my memory says there were fluorescent lights in the tunnel. Anyone else know?
  3. I'll be down in SA for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day staying at a hotel right across the highway from UTSA, so I will definitely try and take some pictures!
  4. Nice!!! I believe you can also see the wood supports for the double up after the first drop. Yay!!
  5. Great pictures!! I don't know what it is but I just love looking at pictures of deserted (off season) and/or abandoned themeparks. Add in the creepy fog....awesome!!
  6. Am I the only one who was seriously hoping for a peek at the Rattler trains at the IAAPA show??
  7. Welcome to the group. As long as I've been on here I've never been on a TPR trip as well and I'm considering joining the Midwest/Texas Trip too. I've never known anyone on here in person so I've always been too nervous about going on a trip without knowing anyone. Hope we can make it onto the trip. I'm always looking to make new friends considering my local friends aren't really into parks and coasters like I am. Same here!
  8. Sure they can put a net on the cliff side to prevent this from happening... Either way, these pictures make iRattle look very interesting. BTW, does anybody know what comes after the cliff tunnel? Will there be a helix or will it just go straight into the brakes? I don't believe anyone knows for sure just yet. So far, just speculation.
  9. I am SERIOUSLY considering the Midwest trip. . if I go, maybe we can carpool down to San Antonio for the starting point Yes sounds great!
  10. Thanks! I really hope it works out for the trip. I've never been to Cedar Point....*hangs head in shame*
  11. WOW!!!! 2013 is looking to be AMAZING!!! By the way, my gayness will come out here but...super cute outfit Elissa!
  12. Hello everyone! I've been a follower of this site for years, just officially joined yesterday. Heck I remember following the rec.rollercoaster group in my webtv days. Great to see such a diverse group here. Gay man here also! I am looking into booking my first TPR trip for the Texas/Mid-West 2013 trip. I am sort of nervous but I read some of the TPR trip FAQ's and it seems it is not uncommon for TPR guests to go on the trips alone. I feel like I know some of you just from reading your posts over the years but in person I sort of clam up. Hopefully, if it works out and I get picked to join the trip then I can meet some great new friends!
  13. Excellent photo TR!! Those sauna instructions are a literary masterpiece! haha!
  14. I wonder if they will attach a cover at the bottom of the first drop again to block from falling rocks like they did when it first opened.
  15. Thanks for the live updates! It's always awesome to see what new concepts the ride designers are churning out.
  16. So excited for this! Thanks to all those posting pictures! Greatly appreciated!
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